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Religion, Contact, and LGBT Acceptance: Survey Evidence from South Korea

Timothy S. Rich , Isabel Eliassen , Madelynn Einhorn 저

pp.627~647 (21pages)

Publisher : Korea Observer
Volume/Number : Korea Observer Vol 52, No 4 / 2021
Publisher : Institute of Korean Studies
Publication : Journal
Format : PDF


What factors explain South Korean public opinion on LGBT issues? Via an original survey, we tackle the influence of religion and of knowing a Korean LGBT person on two issues: same-sex marriage and comfort with an LGBT neighbor. We find that of religious identifications studied, only Protestants corresponded with lower support, while knowing a Korean LGBT person strongly correlated with support of both. Moreover, we find that comfort with an LGBT neighbor falls in between acceptance of North Korean and Muslim neighbors.


I. Introduction
II. Public Opinion on LGBT Issues in South Korea
III. Effects of Religion
IV. Demographic Considerations
V. Research Design
VI. Analysis
VII. Conclusion