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Political Consumerism as Political Participation in Korea: The Influence of Anti-Business Sentiments, Political Ideology, and Social Media

Hyejung Cheon 저

pp.703~731 (29pages)

Publisher : Korea Observer
Volume/Number : Korea Observer Vol 52, No 4 / 2021
Publisher : Institute of Korean Studies
Publication : Journal
Format : PDF


Shopping, which has been regarded as being unrelated to social reforms, is now being highlighted as a powerful means of political activism to realize social justice. While declining in interests in traditional political participation, political consumers who consider the market as a venue to express political and social concerns are increasing. This study investigates political consumers characteristics by addressing the frequency of participation in boycotts, and the relationship between political consumerism and political participation by identifying how variables such as anti-business sentiments, political ideology, and social media, which directly or indirectly relate to political consumerism and political participation, differentially affect political consumerism and political participation. The findings of a survey of 1,036 respondents revealed the followings: (1) political consumers with different levels of boycott participation were not homogeneous. (2) a positive and significant relationship was found between political consumerism and political participation, but the variables affecting political consumerism and political participation were subtly different.


I. Introduction
II. Literature Review and Research Questions
III. Methods
IV. Results
V. Discussion