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Effects of Socioeconomic Status and Gender on Valued Qualities and Future Success in South Korea

Sungwon Kim 저

pp.733~756 (24pages)

Publisher : Korea Observer
Volume/Number : Korea Observer Vol 52, No 4 / 2021
Publisher : Institute of Korean Studies
Publication : Journal
Format : PDF


The purpose of this study is to examine stereotypes related to gender and socioeconomic status among college students in Korea (N= 488) where values, gender norms, and paths to success are rapidly changing. Each respondent read a vignette about a hypothetical student whose gender and socioeconomic status were manipulated, and was asked a series of question regarding the hypothetical student s personal qualities, hopes for going and living abroad, current achievement, and future educational and employment success. We found salient SES differences but very few gender differences. High-SES students who possessed qualities valued in Western countries (tolerance, self-expression, imagination) were more likely to be seen to succeed academically and employment-wise, have more experience and desire to study abroad, and ultimately have more agency in their daily lives. Traditionally positive qualities associated with East Asian countries (independence, hard work, thrift, determination/perseverance, feeling of responsibility) were attributed to low-SES students.


Ⅰ. Introduction
Ⅱ. Data and Methods
Ⅲ. Results
Ⅳ. Conclusion and Discussion