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Antimicrobial resistant patterns of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from the diseased animal in Jeju

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Molecular Detection of Severe Fever with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome Virus in Shelter Dogs, Horses, and Ticks
Prevalence of mastitis pathogens and their resistance against antimicrobial agents in diary cows in Korea
Validation of reliable stability in Brucella LPS antigen for indirect milk-ELISA detecting dairy brucellosis
Use of hydrophilic extra-viral domain (HEVD) as antigen to develop diagnostic techniques for detecting antibodies for canine distemper virus (CDV)
Realtime RT-PCR assay and serological surveillance of Peste des Petits Ruminants virus in Republicof Korea
Nemopilema nomurai jellyfish venom inhibits migration and proliferation of vascular smooth muscle cells and intravascular thrombosis
Serological surveillance of Vesicular Stomatitis and Swine Vesicular Diseasein Republic of Korea
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Biofilm formation and eradication in Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae
Overview of KAHIS livestock vehicle movement utilization in Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Analysis of movement patterns between domestic and wild animals in Mongolia through geographical positioning system(GPS)
Development of In Vitro Cellular Circadian Rhythm Model to Test the Effects of Neurotoxicants on Circadian Rhythm
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Comparisonof Newcastle disease vaccines administered as different spraying machines inrelation to immune response and protective efficacy in day old chicks
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Ditribution of the Vibrio cholerae in coastal area of Jeju island
Antimicrobial resistant patterns of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from the diseased animal in Jeju
Efficacy of two kinds of monovalent vaccines (O Campos, O Primorsky) against heterologous a FMDV O Jinchun strain in pigs
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Marker residue depletion study to establish withdrawal period for aminopyrine/sulpyrine product in pigs
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Pathogenesis of Multiple Subgroups of Clade Influenza A (H5N8) Virus in Mice and Ferrets
Recombinant HN proteins of avian paramyxovirus type 3, 7, and 9 have the potential as type-specific HI antigen
Comparative Analysis on Registration and Sales of Veterinary Medical Devices for the Year(2011-2015) in Korea
Phylogenetic analysis of avian paramyxovirus type 4isolates from wild ducks reveals evidence for the existence of third subgroup within theserotype
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Identification of a naturally occurring reassortantinfectious bursal disease virus in Korea
Genotypicand pathotypic analysis of Newcastle disease viruses currentlycirculating in Vietnam
Effects of Dietary Supplementation with Lactobacillus plantarum PSCPL13 on Growth Performance, Immunity and Changes of Intestinal Microorganism in Olive Flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus)
Histopathological Characterization of the Horses with Hind Limb Ataxia in the Republic of Korea, 2008-2015
Outbreak of Chronic Wasting Disease in captive deer, 2016
A preventative effect of Curcuma longa extract for the control of Salmonella spp. in pigs
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Cloning and expression of F4-F18-LT fusion protein using transformed Escherichia coli
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Serological surveillance of FMDV antibodies in South korea during January to August 2016
In vitro evaluation of safety properties of lactic acid bacteria isolated from poultry
Different invasion efficiency of Brucella abortus wild and mutant strains into the non-professional phagocytic cells, HeLa cell and professional phagocytic cells, RAW 264.7 cell and THP-1 macrophage
Safety and Immunogenicity of live rabies vaccine strain (ERAGS) in animals
Heterogeneity in spike protein genes of transmissible gastroenteritis virus isolated in Korea
Seroepidemiological Survey of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus in wild boar in habited in South of Korea
Sero-surveillance against rabies virus in wild boars in Korea, 2014-2015
Molecular Characterization of Mycoplasma gallisepticum Isolates from Chickens in South Korea by Random Amplification of Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) Analysis and Gene-targeted Sequencing (GTS)
Serotypes of Salmonella isolated from pet turtles and soft shell turtles sold in Korea
Comparative evaluation of three serological tests for the detection of vaccine induced antibody of foot-and- mouth disease virus
ISMAP02-like sequence in Mycobacterium terrae complex interferes specific detection of Mycobacterium avium subsp. Paratuberculosis
Phylogenetic analysis of complete genomic sequence of rabbit hepatitis Evirus in Korea
Monitoring and genetic characterization of porcine deltacoronavirus in Korea
Detectionof toxins and toxin genes of Clostridium novyi type B field isolates
Identification of novel epitopes of Apx IA, IIA, IIIA and IVA exotoxins using 3D protein structure analysis
Aminoglycoside Modifying Enzymes (AMEs) occurrence among Isolates of Escherichia coli exhibiting High-Level of Aminoglycoside Resistance Isolated from Korean Cattle Farms
A Vibrio vulnificus VvpM induces necrotic cell death coupled with IL-1β production via spatial targeting distinct ANXA2
Establishment of differential diagnosis between LOM vaccine and BErns marker vaccine of Classical Swine Fever Virus used
Comparison among three antibody diagnostic methods against Classical Swine Fever Virus
Immune responses in pigs by vaccination of transgenic plant-expressed classical swine fever virus E2 protein
TransmissibleGastroenteritis Virus Strain with a Genomic Deletion in Spike and ORF7 Genes,Vietnam
Serotypes and antimicrobial resistance of recent Salmonella isolates from poultry in Korea
Evaluation of inactivated wholeporcine parvovirus as an antigen of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay fordetection of antibodies against porcine parvovirus
The efficacy of gaseous chlorine dioxide as a fumigant against avian influenza virus at poultry farm
Characterization of Porcine Deltacoronavirus in Vietnam
Nationwide Serological surveillance of FMDV antibodies in South Korea during 2014~2016
Assessment of the replication efficiency of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome viruses (PRRSVs) in porcine alveolar macrophages (PAMs) at different age of host-pigs
Heterosubtypic protection of a live H1N1 influenza vaccine against H5N1 virus infection
Cultivation of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus vaccine candidates of serotype O in bioreactor
Sensitive detection method of Foot-and-mouth disease virus in pigs by oral-fluid using cotton rope
Development of a new prototype of Point Of Care testing (POC) for Differentiation of Foot-and-Mouth sensitive Disease Virus Serotype O
Streptomyces extracts inhibit quorum-sensing of pathogenic bacteria
Development of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae ApxІ, II, III, and IV-specific Diagnostic ELISA Methods based on the Recombinant Apx Antigens
Prevalence and characterization of infectious disease in wild birds from the South Korea
Potential international spread of multidrug resistant Salmonella isolated from migrating wild birds in South Korea
Antimicrobial susceptibility of Campylobacter isolates from breeder and broiler flocks in Korea
Evaluation of potassium clavulanate as supplement to selective medium and the effect of incubation conditions for detecting Campylobacter
Serum-resistance is associated with virulence in Riemerella anatipestifer
Serovars and antimicrobial resistance of Avibacterium paragallinarum in South Korea during 2011- 2015
Tick Monitoring at Horse Riding Course, Horse Ranch, and Horse Stables Site from April to September, 2016
Molecular and Serological Surveillance Equine Piroplasmosis in Blood and Serum Samples Collected from Korean Racing Authority in the Republic of Korea From April to September, 2016
Molecular Detection of Honeybee Diseases in Apis mellifera and Apis cerana in Korean Apiaries, 2016
Detection of PrPCWD in soil from CWD infected farm in Korea
Prevention of Korean Sacbrood Virus Infection in Apis cerana using RNA interference
Improved Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification assay for the detection of Toxoplasma gondii by high temperature DNA extraction method
Molecular characterization of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDV) from Vietnam
Field Study on Foot-and-Mouth-Disease Vaccination Using Needless Transdermal-device in Pigs
Molecular characterization of Spike gene of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDV) from Korea, 2013-2016
Sequenceanalysis of the partial Spike gene of transmissible gastroenteritis viruses isolated from Wild Boar in Korea
Molecular Characterization of Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus from Korean wild boars
Biofilm formation of Bordetella bronchiseptica isolated from swine
Molecular detection of severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virus in individual ticks from Republic of Korea
The Role of Calbindin-D9k in Hypoxia-Induced Diabetes Mellitus like Model
In vivo porcine modeland in vitro HepG2 model overexpressing 11β-HSD1
Endocrinedisrupting chemicals exacerbate pathology of Type 1 diabetes mellitus model
Correlation between hypoxia inducible factor-1α and Calbindin-D9k
Effects of sex steroid hormone on expression of the Calbindin-D9k in rat brainstem
Expressions of cation transporter channel are altered by OP and BPA in the mouse placenta
Effects of combination of two 4-Vinylcyclohexene diepoxide and phthalateson ovary
Glucocorticoids regulate expression of lung calbindin-D9k in mouse
Evaluationof Antitumor Efficiency of SB Injection, Extract from Phytopharmaceutical Preparations, in Canine Malignant Cell Lines
Human Umbilical Cord Blood-Stem Cells Ameliorate Rheumatoid Arthritis by Simultaneously Reducing the Production of TNF-α and NLRP3 Inflammasome- mediated IL-1β from Macrophages
Effect of Ginkgo biloba extract(EGb 761) on serum cholesterol level in c57bl/6 mice
Effects of Phellodendri Cortex Extract to weaning pigs: Intestinal microflora changes
The infection status of gastrointestinal helminths among wild rats in Jeju
Sustainability of CD2, cell proliferationand migration, cisplatin-resistance, and caspase-3 during mesenchymal- epithelialtransition induced by the removal of TGF-β1 in A549 lung cancer cells
Determination of clanobutin residues from pork, milk, eggs using liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry
Determination of iodo quinolinesulfonicacid residues from pork, milk, beef using liquid chromatography tandem massspectrometry
PPARγ activation of anti-diabetic agent, troglitazone enhances TRAIL-induced apoptosis via autophagy flux
Resveratrol enhances TRAIL-mediated apoptosis via up-regulation of death receptors in lung adenocarcinoma cells
Autophagy flux plays a pivotal role in LPS-mediated inflammation via TLR4 and NF-κB activation in primary human keratinocytes
Hinokitiol exerts anti-obesity effects by activating AMPK and lipases in a mouse model of high-fat diet-induced obesity
Activation of autophagic flux induced by Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) mitigates TRAIL-induced tumor cell apoptosis via down-regulation of death receptors
Inhibition of autophagy by hinokitiol enhances TRAIL- induced tumor cell death through augmentation of apoptotic signaling
Infection rate of Internal parasites from of Korean indigenous goats in Jeju
Water Dropwort, Hyperoside and Isorhamnetin, Regulates the Inflammasome Activation
Sulforaphane attenuates inflammasome activation byinhibiting mitochondrial reactive oxygen species
Effects of cold water swimming on blood Mg2+ and energy metabolites/enzymes
Therapeutic mild hypothermia-induced Mg2+ homeostasis in heart
Sodium-dependent magnesium efflux of heart
Taurine attenuates an acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity by increase in intracellular Mg2+ concentration and ERK1/2 activation
Melatonin ameliorates alcohol-induced bile acid homeostasis by enhancing miR-497
Fluoxetine-induced abnormalities of cardiac function
Effects of medicinal herbs on ethanol-induced oxidative injury in normal hepatocyte
The wireless electrocardiogram detection in animal
Effectiveness of Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation on Blood Glucose in Diabetics Rabbit Model
The ratio of blood ionized calcium per magnesium in experimental cardiomyopathy
A study to evaluate the effects of ultraviolet blood irradiation in a diabetic rabbit model
Organ-specific expression of NCKX, TRPV, CTR, ATP7A, IREG1 and HEPH in canine duodenum, kidney, spleen and liver
Equine ion transportation tissue-specific localization and expression of Nckx, Trpv, Ireg, Heph, Ctr, Atp7a
Direct conversion of human AESCs and UCB-MSCs into cone and rod photoreceptor-like cells by inhibition of microRNA-203
Direct conversion of Niemann-Pick disease type C patient-derived fibroblasts into patient specific human neural stem cells
Inflammasome as a Novel Regulator of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Function
Evaluation of a SYBR Green Real-Time PCR Assay forQuantification of Major Cytokines in PBMC from Bovine
Hypoxia induced BMI1 regulates immunomodulatory properties in human mesenchymal stem cell aging
Potential erythropoiesis in the primo-vascular system in heart failure
miR-410 inhibition induces RPE differentiation of amniotic epithelial cells through overexpression of OTX2 and RPE65
Scutellarein Induces Apoptosis in Human Gastric Cancer Cells by Activating p53 and XIAP Pathway
Proteomic Profiling of Tangeretin-induced Cell Death in AGS Gastric Cancer Cells
Fluid shear stress regulates vessel remodeling vialigand independent VEGFR-3 activation in uterus during pregnancy
Inhibition of Human Gastric Cancer CellProliferation by Pectolinarigenin
ROS Generation, MAPKs Activation, mTOR Inhibition, Leads Autophagy and Lysosomal Degradation in Naringin Induced Cell Death in AGS Cancer Cells
Cathepsin S mediated Cx3cl1-Cx3cr1 crosstalk is linked to Olfactory Dysfunction in a Niemann–Pick Disease Type C1 Model
LYVE-1 positive cells associated with implantation around embryo during early pregnancy
Effect of Neo Skin-VET?? on wound healing process in mice
Hematological adverse effects of ribavirin in pigs following intramuscular administration
Failurein neuroprotection of remote limb ischemic postconditioning (RIPoC) in the hippocampus of a gerbil model of transient cerebral ischemia
Temperature is a key factor for inflammasome activation
Serum biochemical andhistopathological analyses in a rat model of multi-organ failure induced by asphyxialcardiac arrest
The characterization of adipose derived stem cells from canine tissue for animal cell therapy
Dopamine D3 receptor-modulated neuroprotective effects of lisuride
Isolation and characterization of the Citrobacter freundii phage EF1 from earthworm (Eisenia fetida)
Neuroprotective effect of Sigesbeckia pubescens extract onglutamate-induced oxidative stress in HT22 cells via downregulation of MAPKs and caspase pathway
Hydrangea macrophylla methanolic extract attenuates sodiumarsenite- induced cytotoxicity in HepG2 cells
In vivo and in vitro anti-inflammatory activities of Rabdosia inflexa methanolic extract
Hangover Relieving Effect of Hovenia Dulcis and Sanghwang Mushroom Mycelium Cultured in Hordeum Vulgare
Hangover-Relieving Effect of Sanghwang Mushroom Mycelium Cultured in Germinated Buckwheat
Hair Growth Effect of Eclipta Prostrata L. onC57BL/6N Mice
Identification of inhibitory concentrations of compounds using cryopreserved primary human hepatocytes
Studies on the development of the stifle joint in Korean native cattle
Lactobacillusacidophilus: effects on the pharmacokinetics of Marbofloxacinin rats
Anti-proliferation of K562 human chronic myeloid leukemia cells by cytosine deaminase and interferon-β transduced human neural stem cells in a xenograft model
Engineered neural stem cells expressing cytosine deaminase and interferon-beta restrain melanoma cells from proliferating in a cellular and xenograft model
Selective anti-tumor effect of neural stem cells expressing cytosine deaminase and interferon- β against Human choriocarcinoma cells in cellular and xenograft models
Inhibition of epithelial-mesenchymal transition and metastasis with treatment of 3,3 -diindolylmethane in MCF-7 breast cancer cells caused by triclosan or bisphenol A
Tumor associated macrophages provide the survival resistance of tumor cells to hypoxic microenvironmental condition through IL-6 receptor-mediated signals
Continuouslyexposed to low dose rates of gamma irradiation reduces airway inflammation inovalbumin- induced asthma
Derivation and karyotyping analysis of primary cancer cells from human glioblastoma and meningioma
Enhanced expression of immediate-early genes in mouse hippocampus after trimethyltin treatment
Trimethyltin-induced hippocampal neurodegeneration
Temporal profiles of epigenetic gene expression in adult mouse hippocampus after cranial irradiation
Regulator of G-protein signaling 4 controls morphine rewarding via glutamate receptors in the nucleus accumbens
Metformin enhanced chemoresistance of human malignant mesothelioma cells cultured in glucose deprived media
Effect of lysophosphatidic acid on development of porcine preimplantation embryos during in vitro culture
Hypoxia Plays an Important Role in the Drug Resistance in Human Malignant Mesothelioma Cell Lines
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Stability of Equine Mesenchymal Stem Cells after Long-Term Preservation
Hydrogel Scaffolds as Extracellular Matrix Mimics for 3D Culture of Equine Mesenchymal Stem Cells
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Regulatory Mechanisms of Glucocorticoid on BACE1 Expression and Amyloidogenesis in SK-N-MC: Involvement of Lipid Raft Dependent cAMP-CREB Pathway
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Transcriptomics of neurogenesis in chronic RF-exposed hippocampus
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Hepatoprotective effects of Indole-3-carbinol against carbon tetrachloride induced hepatotoxicity in mice
Anti-hypertensive effect of Jeju citrus on SD rat and SHR
Testicular Leydig cell in Korean native cattle
Supplement of GDF8 during Porcine Oocyte in vitro Maturation Activates ERK1/2 signaling and changed transcriptional landscape
Mutant prevention concentration of fluoroquinolone against Salmonella Typhimurium isolated from pigs in Korea
Species specific antiviral activity of recombinant porcine interferon-a8 (IFNa8) from Korean domestic pig
Isolation and characterizationof human periodontal ligament stem cells from human third molar teeth
Target proteins for putative drug and vaccine in Salmonella Typhimurium using comparative genomics and proteomics approaches
Isolation and multiple differentiation potential assessment of human periodontal ligament stem cells derived from deciduous tooth of dental patients
Anti-Fatigue Activity ofExtracts of Acanthopanax koreanum and Aralia elata
Co-exposure of Bisphenol-A and Caffeine Aggravates Teratogenicity in Cultured Mouse Fetus
Vaccine Development for Pig Foot-Mouth-Disease (FMD) Using Poly IC Nanogel
Cognitive-Enhancing Effect of Aralia elata and Citrus Extracts on Scopolamine-Induced Memory Impairment in Mice
Lycopene protects embryonic teratogenesis and placental vasculogenic disorders induced by nicotine in mice
Capsaicin protects spermatogenic cell death caused by scrotal hyperthermia through its antioxidative and anti-apoptotic activities
The effect of lactic acid bacteria absorbing vermiculite as feed additives to prevent Salmonella infection in weaned pigs
The comparative effect of β- and γ-irradiation in the skinof minipig model
Acanthomatous epulis in a hedgehog
Benign peripheral nerve sheath tumor in the bladder of dog
Renal angioleiomyoma in a Maltese dog
Ameloblastic carcinoma in a Shih Tzu dog
Canine mammary solid carcinoma with metastasis in the vagina
High-throughput histopathological assessment of zebrafish larvae
Study of relationship between aromatase with obesity- related factors in Canine Malignant Mammary Tumors
A case report : fowl cholera in breeder duck
Establishment and characterization of induced myogenic stem cell
Cigarettesmoke impaired maturation of ovarian follicle and abnormal growth of uterus innerwall via changed expression of estrogen receptors and cell cycle arrest proteinp21 in female rats
Treatment with cigarette smoke components altered the cell proliferation, apoptosis in human choriocarcinoma cancer cell lines via ROS-induced ER-stress pathway
Retrospective study in cattle abortions submitted to the QIA, 2002~2015
Pathogenic findings in the brains of cattle with neurological signs in Korea, 2008~2015
Equine Degenerative Myelopathy by Vitamin E Deficiency in a Thoroughbred horse
Pathological Classification of Pneumonia from Slaughtered Pigs in Gyeonggi-do
Proteus mirabilis septicemia in an Eurasian river otter (Lutra lutra), Korea
Side effects of high-dose busulfan for the transplantation of spermatogonial spermcells in dogs
Immunomodulatory Effects of Feline Adipose Tissue- derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Altered characteristics of feline adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells during subsequent in vitro culture
The incidence and nature of adverse events relating to the veterinary medical devices in Korea
Genetic and phenotypic diagnosis of hip dysplasia in cloned dogs
Effects of olfactory and auditory stimulation onseparation anxiety by salivary cortisol measurement in dogs
Therapeutic effect of human adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells in a L-arginine induced severe acute pancreatitis mouse model
Sudden Death due to Diaphragmatic Rupture in a Sika Deer (Cervus nippon) at a Zoo
The pH changes of rumen fluid before and after rumen cannulation in cattle
The effects of general bovine castration procedure on hematology and ruminal fluid Ph
Pericardial effusion in a dog concurrent with carcinoma of unknown primary origin
Bilateral granulosa cell tumor of ovary with systemic metastasis in a Shih-tzu dog
Serum Concentration of Symmetric Dimethylarginine in Dogs with Dehydration
Hepatoprotective effects of mushroom extracts in N-methyl-N-nitrosourea treated Balb/c mice
Improvement of inflammatory dry eye of rabbits by Huons eye drop preparations
Human Adipose Tissue-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Alleviate Atopic Dermatitis by suppression of B lymphocyte and mast cell
The influence of different serum separation conditions on the stability of inflammatory cytokines in bovine
Anti-osteoarthritis effect of a combinational treatment with human adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells and thrombospondin 2 in rabbits
Comparison of equine small intestinal submucosa decellularization protocols for biomaterial
Human Umbilical Cord Blood Mesenchymal Stem Cell Delivered Intra-nasally : A Noninvasive Stem Cell Therapy to Target Niemann-Pick Type C1
Correlation of age of pigs and endotoxin in respirable dust in swine barns with pigs’ immune response
PGE2 secretion by human adult stem cells critically contributes to the self-renewal and immunomodulation, and is regulated by cell contact
Ameliorative Effects of Sorghum Ethyl-acetate Extract on Benign Hyperplasia Induced by Testosterone in SD rats
Determination of Brain Cholinesterase activity suspected as Organophosphate pesticide poisoning and non-exposed wild bird in Korea
Effects of non-cytotoxic concentrations of chemicals on the development of hepatocyte progenitor cells to hepatocytes using human embryonic stem cells
Toxicities of disinfectants of animal health and sanitation products using different test organisms
Effects of CHIR99021 and WNT3A onthe differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells to definitive endoderm
Determination of Brain Cholinesteraseactivity suspected as Organophosphate pesticide poisoning and non-exposed wild bird inKorea
Rapid and differential detection of H5N1 and H5N8 avian influenza viruses by one-step multiplex reverse transcription-quantitative polymerase chain reaction
Simultaneous detection of H5N1 and H5N8 highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses using single-step real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction
Rapid and visual detection of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome viruses by reverse-transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay
Reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay for the rapid and simultaneous detection of H5 and other subtypes of avian influenza viruses
Simultaneous detection of type 1 and 2 porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus by UNG- applied semi-nested reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction
High prevalence of Hepatitis E virus antibodies on wildboars (Sus scrofa) in Republic of Korea
Effects of non-cytotoxic concentrations of chemicals on the development of hepatocyte progenitor cells to hepatocytes using human embryonic stem cells
The role of SIRT2 in reprogramming of induced pluripotent stem cells