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The influence of modifiers genes on the stability of self-incompatibility and genetic architecture of Heterostyly and Homostyly in Buckwheat

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Crop conventional breeding: Achievements and outlook
Using natural variation and CRISPR to understand and improve the plant immune system
Current Research & Development of Biotech Crops
A genomics approach to understand the genetic complexity of genomic regions harboring the prolamin gene loci in hexaploid wheat
Development and prevalence of molecular markers for the improvement of horticultural crops
Big data based systems and synthetic agrobiotechnology toward crop improvement
Current status and its prospects of rice breeding in China
A genome wide association study of seed protein and oil in soybean
Dynamic effects of silicon in crops under abiotic stress conditions
벼 담수 직파 재배 적응 품종 개발을 위한 혐기발아 관련 특성 연구
Development and Characterization of japonica Rice with Diverse Panicle and Grain Shape
Soybean production and breeding in Vietnam
Isolation and validation of a candidate Rsv3 gene from a soybean genotype that confers strain-specific resistance to soybean mosaic virus
Development of SNP markers tightly linked to two QTLs responsible for bacterial wilt resistance in tomato
QTL and GWAS Analysis of Phytophthora Resistance in Capsicum
Transcriptome dynamics of cysteine protease-mediated response against Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae race K3a in rice
NO news is good news for plants - investigation of plant defense system under nitrosative stress and its application to crop
Towards breeding for multiple abiotic stress resistance in rice: an example using Pup1 and the others
Screening and functional analysis of rice transcription factors involved in abiotic stress tolerance
RNA-Seq transcriptome analysis of rice root genes in response to water deficiencies
Analysis of agronomic traits using plant phenomics in rice
Probable L-ascorbate peroxidase 4 (APX4-P) controls flowering time and antioxidant activity in rice
기능성 벼 품종 육성 현황 및 활용
Flower color modification through reconstruction of flavonoid biosynthetic pathway
Development of poplar super clones
Comparative transcriptome analysis identified candidate genes involved in browning of mycelium in Lentinula edodes
QTL mapping for agronomic traits by genotyping-by-sequencing in rice
Diversity of chloroplast genome of Cynanchum wilfordii and development of species unique KASP markers for authentication of C.wilfordii and C. auriculatum
Chromosomal karyotype with simple sequence repeats by fluorescence in situ hybridization in Korean wheat
Marker association analysis to improve tiller number in Korean wheats for wheat breeding
Marker association analysis to improve tiller number in double haploid population for wheat breeding
Marker association analysis to improve tiller number in F₈ population for wheat breeding
Dynamics of small RNAome in Arabidopsis thaliana during breaking seed dormancy
Capillary electrophoresis-mass spectrometry-based on metabolome analysis in tomato germplasms
Construction of a Linkage map and mapping of QTLs related to agronomic traits in DH population of maize using simple sequence repeat markers
Genetic diversity analysis among accessions of Perilla crop using new development microsatellite markers
사료가치가 우수한 중만생 고바이오매스 복합내병충성 보유 내도복 사료용 벼 ‘미우’
Overexpression of Brassica rapa GROWTH-REGULATING FACTOR genes in B. napus increases organ size by enhancing cell proliferation
QTL analysis of yield-related traits using high-resolution genetic map in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
In vitro clonal propagation and cryopreservation of Korean Arbor-vitae (Thuja koraiensis Nakai) via somatic embryogenesis
더뎅이병 저항성 신품종 감자 ‘탐나’ 육성
밥맛이 매우 우수한 중만생종 벼 ‘새칠보’ 육성
반응표면분석을 이용한 낙엽송 종자의 저장기간별 최적 저장조건 구명
초분광영상 분석을 통한 편백 종자의 비파괴선별 검증
건식 쌀가루 전용 연질ㆍ둥근형 전분 ‘미시루’의 농업적 특성
가공용 초다수성 복합내병성 벼 신품종 “금강1호”
A study of the role of INFLORESCENCE DEFICIENT IN ABSCISSION gene expression in tomato
Genome-wide SNP selection associated with protein and oil content in core collection of wild soybean using the elastic-net method
Genome-wide SNP selection associated with amino acid content in core collection of wild soybean using the elastic-net method
다수성 사료용 옥수수 신품종 ‘다청옥’의 생육특성 및 수량성
Genetic relationship of tropical region-bred temperate japonica rice plants and their grain yield variations in three different tropical environments
De novo assembly of complete chloroplast genome from Pinus densiflora using oxford nanopore and illumina MiSeq
Comparative transcriptome analysis of dwarf and normal soybean obtained from crossing of G. max and G. soja
Effecs of different seeding methods on growth and yield of wheat
Map-based cloning of SPLIT-HULL (SPH) gene related to hull splitting in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Development of late flowering chinese cabbage using CRISPR system
밀 핵심집단 구축을 위한 유전자원 특성조사
적립계 조숙 다수성 국수용 밀 ‘조중’
백립계 답리작 적응 빵용 밀 ‘백강’
백립계 찰밀 취반용 밀 ‘백찰’
반매끈망, 사일리지 품질이 우수한 청보리 신품종 ‘연호’
적립계 답리작 적응 수발아와 붉은곰팡이병 저항성 국수용 밀 ‘새금강’
더뎅이병에 강한 2기작감자 ‘수선’ 육성
안토시아닌 함량이 많은 유색 쌀보리 ‘흑보찰’
수량 많고 꼬투리 터짐에 강한 녹자엽 검정콩 ‘청자5호’
부본용 완전단감 ‘단연 09-12-1’ 육성
칼라 찰옥수수 개발을 위한 다양한 색 여교잡 계통 육성
Development of Tos17 insertion mutants from Korean domestic rice cultivars
최고품질 중만생 복합내병성 벼 ‘예찬’
An ERF family gene, OsTF1, plays functional roles in the control of plant growth and grain size in rice
자근 발생 감귤류의 조기 판별를 위한 SCAR마커의 개발
Antioxidant activity of Korean black soybean (Glycine max. L.) landraces
Classification of Aegilops genus based on pollen morphology
Distribution of α-tocopherol content in the Korean landrace black soybean
ICRISAT의 유전자원 관리 현황 및 핵심집단 구축
Morphological characteristic of seed traits among the Vicia species
Application of AFLP and CAPS markers to screen somaclonal variations among diploid and autotetraploids of small watermelons
The complete chloroplast genome of Panicum sumatrense Roth ex Roem. & Schult. using illumina sequencing
콩의 성숙조절 관련 유용 유전자 선발 및 발현특성 분석
고추 shed-소포자 배양 시 배지내 pH 및 품종이 배 발생 효율에 미치는 영향
쌀 도정특성 및 입형과 연관된 양적형질 분석
국내 육성 종실용 옥수수의 밀식적응성 평가
Development of CAPS marker for identification of Lentinula edodes cultivars Sanmaru 1ho and Sanmaru 2ho
국내 잡초벼 유전적 배경의 고양식미 우량계통 육성
Development and characterization of japonica rice line with long and spindle-shaped grain
군집소수를 가진 고착립밀도 이삭형 벼 개발 및 특성분석
곡실사료 및 조사료 겸용 조생 사료용 벼 ‘조농’
국내 육성 벼 품종과 수입쌀 판별을 위한 분자마커 세트 개발
고품질 기계화 적응성 수수 신품종 “황금찰수수 2호”
Adaptability and clonal selection of poplar clones to combat desertification in arid aria of mongolia
중생종 대립향찰벼 “고향찰”의 질소시비량에 따른 생육 및 수량성 평가
“YR29169”, A mid-maturing japonica rice elite line in tropical regions
SNP(Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) 마커를 이용한 국내 주요 재배 감자 품종의 유전 집단 분석 및 품종 구분
High-throughput SNP discovery by transcriptome sequencing to enhance the genomics-assisted breeding in Radish inbred lines
분질성으로 맛이 좋은 감자 품종 ‘다미’ 육성
New genome wide SSR markers using high-throughput sequencing in button mushroom (Agaricus bisporus)
양송이 버섯에서 개발된 새로운 SSR 마커
야생감초의 새로운 SSR marker 개발
New chloroplast microsatellite markers for identification of Glycyrrhiza species
New CAPS and HRM markers acquired from the chloroplast genome of wild licorice (Glycyrrhiza lepidota)
Solidity와 클러스터링을 이용한 특이형태 콩 종자의 검출
Protein sequence to vector strategy for ML application on proteins
The chloroplast genomes are variable in Prunus yedoensis
Identification of biomass improved gibberellin biosynthesis related gene in rice
영상 분석 기술을 활용한 호접란의 형태적 특성 분류
식물표현체 기술을 이용한 벼 생육과정 이미지 및 색상변화 분석
콩 핵심집단 종자 표현형 분석을 위한 데이터 생성 및 전처리 기법
Genetic and MutMap analysis of dense green leaf mutant lines of rice
영상을 활용한 호접란 형태 및 색상 분석방법 개발
헛개나무(Hovenia dulcis Thunb.) microsatellite 표지 개발 및 유전변이 분석
추위에 강한 사일리지용 귀리 신품종 ‘신한’
Basic helix-loop-helix 전사인자에 의한 현사시나무 유전자 발현 및 직경 생장 특성 구명
SAP11 유전자 조절에 따른 현사시나무의 가지분화 특성 구명
A new early maturing and high yielding vegetable peanut variety “Sewon”
Using genotyping-by-sequencing for revealing genetic relationship and diversity of sesame genotypes (Sesamum indicum L.) with black and white Seed Coat
The SNP-based molecular diversity analysis of sesame genotypes and characterization of susceptible and resistant lines to Phytophthora nicotianae
Development of infectious clones of Tomato yellow leaf curl Kanchanaburi virus (TYLCKaV) and Pepper yellow leaf curl Thailand virus (PYLCTHV)
Identification of gene for gametophytic development in Arabidopsis
실생 초기세대 육성 방법에 따른 감자 계통 선발 효율 분석
CRISPR/Cas9-mediated mutagenesis in Petunia × hybrida protoplast system for Modification of Flower Color
Phylogenetic analysis of 22 Vigna species using chloroplast RNA-sequencing data
Elucidation of senescence mechanism with T-DNA insertional mutant ck40 in rice
Characterization and cytomorphology of F1 and F2 hybrid between transgenic Brassica napus and B. rapa
Early stage assessment of sesame genotypes from worldwide collection for agro-morphological traits and genetic diversity
Comparison of the irradiation effects between proton beams and gamma rays on M1 seeds and seedling growth in rice for mutation breeding
Characteristic analysis of the CaCPR1 gene as a class of key enzyme that promote P450 enzyme reactions which related with productivity
일경일화 복륜 복색 향 춘란 ‘색동이’
보람찬과 Pecos 유래 재조합자식계통의 농업형질 특성
눈과 입이 즐거운 레몬 신품종 ‘미니몬’
Detected candidate gene related mesocotyl elongation using GWAS and haplotype analysis
병에 강하고 기계수확이 가능한 두부용 콩 ‘평원’
An ancient regulatory module for tip growth in land plants
쓰러짐에 강하고 기능성이 우수한 담적색 신품종 팥 ‘홍다’
기후변화 대응 다수성 고구마 품종 육성을 위한 계통 선발
도복에 강한 다수성 흑향미 ‘드림흑향찰’
농업유전자원센터 자원기탁 절차 및 현황
Haplotype analyze of the BADH1 gene and their association with salt tolerance in Rice
국가 농업유전자원(IT자원)의 활용현황 분석
Evolutionary studies on cultivated and wild rice using chloroplast genome sequencing
Haplotype diversity of the rice bacterial blight resistance gene in 475 accessions of rice genetic resources
Whole genome sequencing revealed a novel fragrance allele and development functional SNP marker for breeding of fragrant rice
Haplotype diversity of GBSSI in 475 accessions of rice genetic resources
Large-scale vector sequence sampling to develop DNA chips for GMO identification
Genetic diversity in 3,475 rice accessions of the Oryza genus
Development of candidate DNA markers for 833K rice integrated DNA array
춘파밀 육성을 위한 유전자원 및 품종의 춘파재배 적응성 분석
Selection of indica rice line of high yield potential adaptable to tropical Southeast Asia
광안콩 올레산 ?t량을 조절하는 QTL mapping
The haplotype diversity of pivotal genes across 475 Korean rice core sets in a vitamin E biosynthesis pathway provided in the rice reactome database
Productivity abilities of seed and cone in mating design conditions of Pinus densiflora for. multucaulis
기상요인이 리기다소나무와 테에다소나무 그리고 이들 수종의 종간 잡종인 리기테다소나무의 춘추재 형성에 미치는 영향
국내 자포니카 벼 품종의 대용량 자동화 유전자형 분석을 위한 KASP 분자표지 제작 및 검증
Vernalization-related genes regulate development of wheat spike primordium
인공지능 딥러닝 기반 토마토 과실 생중량 및 부피 예측 모델링
The influence of modifiers genes on the stability of self-incompatibility and genetic architecture of Heterostyly and Homostyly in Buckwheat
Sequence-based genotyping for marker discovery in Lettuce(Lactuca sativa L.) using GBS technology
Isolation and identification of the fungal leaf pathogens of mungbean (Vigna radiata (l.) R. Wilczek) leaf spot disease
Development of DNA markers for Slmlo1.1, a new mutant allele of the powdery mildew resistance gene SlMlo1 in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum)
The Inquieta gene encoding a subunit of actin filament regulates trichome development in toamto
식물생체정보 센서를 활용한 토마토 풋마름병 증상 분석
Selection of novel source of rice stripe virus resistance
Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae triggers transcriptional activation of diverse defense-related genes in rice
Molecular mapping of Chili veinal mottle virus resistance genes in pepper using two different approaches
Characterization and Isolation of a spotted leaf sheath Mutant with Early Senescence Involved in Defense Response in Rice
Characterization of a new mutant affecting trichome development in tomato
QTL analysis of irregular cracking in soybean seed coats
Characterization of mutants related to trichome morphology in tomato
Nitric oxide increases ginsenosides accumulation by lactic acid bacteria elicitors in adventitious root cultures of Panax ginseng
콩 들불병원균의 유전적 다양성 분석용 마커 개발
Identification, classification, and expression analysis of the receptor-like protein family in tomato
Genome-wide identification and transcriptional co-regulation analysis of receptor-like protein genes in pepper (Capsicum annuum)
Development and evaluation of clustered resistance gene analogs based markers linked to the resistance locus to Phytophthora capsici in hot Pepper
복합내병 다수성 조생종 벼 ‘아이에스592비비(IS592BB)’
덩굴쪼김병 및 흰가루병 저항성 멜론대목 ‘뚝심’ 육성
New BB resistance gene confirmation by QTL fine mapping using 7K SNP-chip in bi-parental population
GWAS for detecting relative gene to apple blotch disease in apple
MAB를 이용한 운광벼 줄무늬잎마름병 근동질 계통 육성
Genetic analysis of bakanae disease resistance of Samgwangbyeo
Roles of OsWRKY67 in basal and XA21-mediated resistance in rice
Quantification of ingested plant subcellular fractions and dsRNA by Frankliniella occidentalis for the establishment of RNAi-based control system
Genome-wide association analysis of flowering time genes with nested association mapping(NAM) population in soybean
콩에서 자외선(UV-B) 저항성 유전자원 탐색 및 유전양상 규명
콩 탈립성 연관 SNP마커를 활용한 내탈립성 계통선발
Detection of the disease resistance genes using GWAS in grape vine
Genome-wide investigation and expression analysis of F-box genes in wheat development stages
Functional analysis of plant transcription factor related to disease resistance
Development InDel molecular markers for distinguishing between Korean cymbidium and Chinese cymbidium
Genome-wide characterization of the Brassica rapa genes encoding serine/arginine (SR)-rich proteins: expression and alternative splicing events by abiotic stresses
Cloning and characterization of two phytochelatin synthases in rice (Oryza sativa cv. Milyang 117) that respond to cadmium stress
Analysis of salt-tolerant by M2 generation EMS variation-induced maize inbred lines
내염성 증진 사료용 벼 교배계통의 Saltol 유전자간 상관 관계 분석
Biological responses of cowpea plants after gamma-ray and proton-beam irradiation
Distribution of gene-based polymorphisms in tropical maize by using RNA sequencing
Transcriptional network regualtion of BES1/BZR1-TPL-HDA19 in Brassinosteroid signaling pathway
Physiological and molecular evaluation of Cheongho Byeo for salinity tolerance at the seedling stage
Identification of OsRF1, a salt-responsive RING zinc-finger-encoding gene, conferring drought and salt tolerance in rice
Ectopic expression of an ABA receptor, which functions specifically under high ABA concentrations, enhances drought tolerance in rice
Overexpression of a member of OsDREB1subfamily, OsDREB1H confers cold stress tolerance in rice
Overexpression of PsGPD from Pleurotus sajor-caju enhances tolerance to salt stress in rice
Overexpression of BrTST53 Gene improves tolerance of rice plant to salt stress
Transcriptome analysis of pre-harvest sprouting (PHS) in Korean wheat (Triticum aestivum)
재배안정성과 밥맛이 우수한 조생 최고품질 벼 ‘해들’
Arabidopsis NAC103 transcription factor is involved in the DNA damage response in sog1 mutant
Ortholog gene of OsHCI1, Sorghum bicolor heat-induced RING finger E3 ligase
Analysis of physiological response and protein expression in Korean F1 maize hybrids at flowering stage under water deficit stress
Identifying salt stress response genes during germination stage in rice (Oryza sativa L.) using Genome-wide association study
Evaluating the major agrinomic characters of four forage crops at Saemangeum-reclaimed land of Jellabuk-do Province
벼 정조 저장 중 저장조건이 도정특성 변화에 미치는 영향
Effect of salt stress on germination and seedling growth in soybean
유묘기 습해처리에 따른 테오신트의 생체량, SPAD 변화 및 유전자 발현 양상
qVDT11, a major QTL that positively regulates tillering in rice under drought stress condition in field
Genome-wide analysis of auxin efflux carrier protein family in rice reveals the close association with nitrogen stress response
miRNAome analysis in flood-tolerant soybean Cheongja-3
Increasing cold tolerance of transgenic Zoysia japonica by overexpression of a MYC type transcription factor ZjICE1
Screening of drought- and flood-tolerant soybeans in core populations and EMS-treated ‘Pungsannamul’ mutant population
Enhancement of soybean drought tolerance by genetic transformation
현사시나무에서 AN1/A20 zinc finger family 유전자의 분리 및 내염ㆍ내건 특성 구명
Soybean NAC transcription factors promote the lateral root formation and enhance drought and salt stress tolerance in overexpressed transgenic Arabidopsis plants
Analysis of QTL interaction for low-temperature germinability using progenies derived from an interspecific cross in rice
Marker development of the genes/QTLs related to biotic and abiotic stress tolerances
Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase (MAPK)-related genes that increase cadmium contents in rice
Characterization of BSP protein family from Triticum aestivum L. and its expression under the high temperature
OsMDHAR3 gene affects salt stress tolerance and grain yield under natural field conditions
Fine mapping and identification of candidate genes associated with low-temperature germinability using derived from a cross between Oryza sativa and Oryza rufipogon
Changes of germination rate on seed germplasm of maize, sorghum, and cowpea after long-term conservation
Identification and marker development of Cucumber’s chilling tolerance related genes by Next Generation Sequencing
Evaluation of anaerobic germinability and relative expression analysis of anaerobic-responsive genes in rice germplasm
애기장대 유래 비생물학적 스트레스 저항성 유전자들을 이용한 고온 저항성 벼 형질전환체 육성
Screening sorghum varieties for salt tolerance
CBF1 overexpression confers heat tolerance in Arabidopsis seedlings
GWAS and eQTL on preharvest sprouting characteristics of Asian cultivated rice
The development of transgenic rice pool over-expressing full length genes related to stress response in Oryza sativa
Variation in early plant height in wild and cultivated soybean (Ⅰ)
Variation in early plant height in wild and cultivated soybean (Ⅱ)
Differential protein expressions of soybean leaves under waterlogging stress at early vegetative stage
Proteome analysis of sesame leaves under waterlogging stress at an early vegetative stage
Responses of leaf proteins in Azuki bean at early vegetative and reproductive stage to waterlogging stress
Genome-wide identification and characterization of bZIP transcription factor gene family in mungbean (Vigna radiata (l.) R. Wilczek)
Chromosome investigations on three tetraploid of Chrysanthemum species through FISH analysis
A rice B-box protein, OsBBX14, finely regulates anthocyanin biosynthesis in rice
Molecular characterization of transgenic plants using Next Generation Sequencing and confirmation of insert in breeding combined trait products using sequencing analysis
Genome-wide identification of RLK and RLP gene family inradish (Raphanus sativus L.)
Anthocyanin content and antioxidant activity in several varieties of Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench
Physicochemical properties and eating quality of cooked rice in low amylose content under freezing storage
TALEN-based gene editing to produce herbicide-resistance bar knockout rice lines
Biochemical analysis of the role of leucine-rich repeat receptor-like kinases and the carboxy-terminus of receptor kinases in regulating kinase activity in arabidopsis thaliana and brassica oleracea
중만생 내병성 강화 발아현미용 기능성 거대배아미 ‘큰품’
Study about gene flow and stability assessment in GM rice
Evaluation of role of charismata mutase in aromatic amino acid and secondary metabolites biosynthesis by using yeast functional expression system
Construction of genetic map by EST-SSR markers and QTL analysis of major agronomic characters in hexaploid oat (Avena sativa L.)
Evaluation of East Asian oat (Avena sativa L.) genetic resources based on major nutritional ingredients and agricultural traits
User-friendly common platform using genotype, phenotype and chemotype for managing tartary buckwheat genetic resources
Molecular footprints of adaptation and high flavonol content in tartary buckwheat revealed by a draft genome analysis
Inheritance of fertility restoration of male-sterility conferred by cytotype y and identification of instability of male fertility phenotypes in onion (Allium cepa L.)
Compositional variability in diverse maize hybrids (Literature review)
Evaluation of gene flow from Bt transgenic rice to non-GM rice
CEPR1 receptor kinase and gene expression in regulating carbon/nitrogen balance in Arabidopsis thaliana
Selection of New Soybean Strain with ti and rs2 recessive allele
Development of New Soybean Strain with Large Seed Size and ti and lox recessive allele
Isoegomaketone-related genes revealed by RNA-Seq in mutant cultivar of Perilla frutescens var. crispa
Variation block browser for functional crops
Development of kompetitive allele specific PCR (KASP) markers in Dendrobium genotypes derived from mutation breeding
Development and validation of kompetitive allele specific PCR (KASP) assay in Rubus mutant genotypes
시스템합성농생명공학연구사업 성과활용과 확산을 위한 실용화 추진 연구
TRAP markers can be used to determine mutation frequencies induced by gamma radiation in faba bean (Vicia faba L.)
A WUSCHEL homeobox transcription factor, OsWOX13, enhances drought tolerance and triggers early flowering in rice
Identification of QTLs associate with flowering time using a GBS-SNP-based high-density map in Perilla
Evaluation of Genetic Diversity in Korean rice varieties as revealed by SSR markers
Identification of SNP related to leaf-angle traits using a genome-wide association study in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
콩 조직배양 callus에서 isoflavone 축적 확인
찰옥수수 출사후 일수에 따른 지방산 조성 및 Phytosterol 함량 변화
튀김부피 및 수량성이 높은 팝콘용 옥수수 신품종 ‘기찬팝콘’
Characterization of complete chloroplast genomes of Adenophora triphylla and Codonopsis lanceolata
Characterization of complete chloroplast genomes of Hemerocallis fulva and Veratrum japonicum
Analysis of transferability of kenaf EST-SSR marker to other Hibiscus genus and their use in studying genetic diversity
Characterization of complete chloroplast genomes of Kalopanax septemlobus and Zanthoxylum ailanthoides
Bx7 유전자와 밀의 단백질 함량 간의 상관관계 분석
Application of TRAP markers to genetic diversity and relationship in soybean mutant lines
Population genetic structure and genetic diversity of peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) collections
Roles of perilla heading date gene, pfHd3a, in flowering time
Plastidal ribosomal protein caused albino, seedling death phenotype in rice
Plastidal ribosomal protein caused albino, seedling death phenotype in rice
Utilization of Mutator transposable elements for waxy and common maize breeding program
Genetic mapping and characterization of a stunted growth mutant in rice
Comprehensive transcriptome analysis of Ligularia fischeri to identify isoforms and biosynthesis genes associated with medicinal components
Understanding the sensory characteristics of aromatic rice breeding line using an electronic nose
Compositional analysis of wheat LMW-GS using aroona near-isogenic lines and a set of standard cultivars by 2-DGE, MS/MS and RP-HPLC
Development of wheat transformation methods by advanced particle bombardment in a Korean wheat cultivars “Keumkang”
국내 귀리 탈부특성에 따른 품질연관성 분석
The effect of the chemical components and glyoxylate cycle-related gene expression on sprouting speed of soybean seed
Identify component difference of tea cultivars using fourier transform infrared(FT-IR)
유전체편집 기술 활용 Glucoraphanin 고함량 브로콜리 계통 육성
MBW complex mediates the transcriptional regulation of anthocyanin biosynthesis in rice
Redesign of starch biosynthetic pathway in rice by genome editing toward human diets
Korean soybean (Glycine max) core collection: Identification of genetic diversity, morphological traits, population structure, and genome-wide association study by Axiom 180k SoyaSNP Genotyping Array
Transcriptome analysis using Iso-Seq provides a comprehensive view of fruit development in Schisandra chinensis
A blue single freesia (Freesia hybrida Hort.) ‘Blue Angel’
A pink double freesia (Freesia hybrida Hort.) ‘Pink Bubble’
Polymorphic analysis of chloroplast genomes and 45S nrDNAs reveals genetic diversity of Perilla species
Comparison of assembly protocol for Brassica rapa genome
유색밀 ‘아리흑’의 색소 특성 및 영양성분 분석
카로티노이드를 함유한 노랑찰옥수수 ‘황금맛찰’
기능성 두유 제품 생산을 위한 “약선콩” 관능 평가
Induced coiled branch (cbr) mutant in Arabidopsis by overexpression of a novel E3 ubiquitin ligase gene
Development of a DNA barcode database for scientific authentication of raw materials for food safety: Current status and recent progress
분자마커를 활용한 베타카로틴 고함유 옥수수 계통 선발
Metabolic regulation for high production of syringin in Arabidopsis thaliana
Identification of a new Sg-9 gene responsible for the DDMP-saponin biosynthesis in soybean
Expression of F-box proteins and their interacting proteins in wheat grain development
Comparison of agricultural and physicochemical traits from tropical and subtropical legume crops
Overexpression of IbMYB1a gene in soybean increased high content of anthocyanin
Development of molecular markers for discrimination between Ligularia fischeri and Caltha palustris using real-time PCR assay
OsSTK1enhances the intrinsic GTPase activity of OsNug2 through binding and phosphorylating its serine 209
Variety discrimination of ‘Fuji’ and its somatic mutation cultivar by InDel and AS-PCR primer using re-sequencing
Distribution of capsaicinoid contents in pepper core collection understanding genetic association
The complete chloroplast genomes of six Ipomoea species and indel marker development for the discrimination of authentic pharbitidis semen (seeds of I.nil or I. purpurea)
Comparison of sesame seed qualities grown in field and in the greenhouse
Development of web-based database for phenotype data management
Anti-oxidant, phenolic/flavonoid compounds, anti-elastase and anti-collagenase activities of extracts from Citrus unshiu at various stages of fruit development and tissues
Differential expression analysis of RNA-seq with repect to capsaicinoid biosynthesis in the pericarp tissue of Capsisum chinense
Gene expression analysis varying apple peel color and pattern between ‘Fuji’ and ‘Benishogun’
Development of SNP marker associated with fruit traits using GWAS in apple
A Comparison of two de novo GBS pipelines for a large genome
Comparative analysis of synteny between plants to improve the quality of a genome sequences which is a base of modern breeding technologies
Maturation rate of inflorescence stem determines the direction of stem growth in Solanaceae
Assessment of potential environmental risks of transgene flow in smallholder farming systems in Asia: Brassica napus as a case study in Korea
국내 육성 콩 품종의 이소플라본 조성별 함량 변이 분석 및 자원 선발
Construction of linkage maps in octoploid strawberry based on SNPs discovered by GBS method
메밀 유전자원 재배시기별 생육특성 및 플라보노이드 함량 비교
설갱벼의 분상질 유전자 flo14(t)에 관한 유전분석 및 유전자 지도 작성
Genetic analysis of Purple pericarp (Prp) and Purple Leaf (Pl) traits of rice
Identification and application of genome-wide SNPs using genotyping by sequencing (GBS) of 119 Panax ginseng accessions
Genetic variation of Major Carotenoids and fruit characteristics of 250 tomato germplasm
Search for clues to delaying tomato fruit ripening by sound wave through transcriptome analysis
Development of SNP array in single copy genes of Brassica oleraceae for MAB
채종원산 소나무의 소나무재선충병 감수성 변이
Deciphering the complex wheat gliadin proteins: basic study to application for development of allergen-reduced wheat
A novel RING type E3 ligase, CaASRF1, positively regulates drought tolerance via modulation of CaAIBZ1 stability in Capsicum annuum
Late embryogenesis abundant protein, CaLEA5, positively regulates the drought tolerance and ABA signaling in Capsicum annuum
A DEAD-box RNA helicase, RH8, is critical for regulation of ABA signaling and the drought stress response via inhibition of PP2CA activity
Transcriptome analysis of dwarf soybean suggests the association of carbon metabolism with dwarf phenotype
HCRs, anti-crossover proteins restrict crossover number in Arabidopsis
Characterizing substrate specificity of guanosine deaminase from Arabidopsis thaliana
A study of allelic diversity underlying flowering-time adaptation in soybean cultivars using a variation block analysis
Role of chloroplast dynamics in plant innate immunity
Plant pathogen effectors suppresses reactive oxygen species signaling networks in plants
Potyviral CP-interacting proteins facilitate potato virus X infectivity by interacting with viral protein and RNAs.
Homeobox transcription factor OsZHD2 promotes lateral root growth in rice by inducing ethylene and auxin biosynthesis
Regulation of chloroplast development by alternative splicing
식물분자육종사업단 연구개발 성과물의 실용화 추진 연구
Effector-assisted breeding methodology for bacterial wilt resistance in pepper
Identification of MRFs as an unusual type of translation regulators that are involved in plant mRNA translation under low energy conditions
Functional characterization of chloroplast-targeted RbgA GTPase in higher plants
Interspecific comparison of Angelica species using chloroplast indel markers developed from Angelica gigas Naki.
Functional properties of an alternative, tissue-specific promoter for rice NADPH-dependent dihydroflavonol reductase
Brassinosteroids-controlled local auxin homeostasis is essential for xylem differentiation and wood formation in tomato
Transcriptome analysis and development of EST-SSR markers from Codonopsis lanceolata
Identification of a novel seed specific glycine rich protein Dor1, which regulates seed dormancy in rice
Systemic network analysis to gain candidate genes regulating seed storage proteins in rice
Post-translational modifications of E3 SUMO ligase AtSIZ1 are specifically regulated by heat and drought stresses
고추 잎에서 AGI(a-glucosidase inhibitor) 활성 분석 방법 개선
Investigation of bacterial wilt pathogen effector diversity and interactions with host plants
Study on OsGT1 (Oryza sativa Grassy Tiller1) determining branching in rice
Association between sequence variants in panicle development genes and the number of spikelets per panicle in rice
Rapid identification of HMW-GS in common wheat varieties by MALDI-TOF-MS
The rice Rolled fine striped encodes CHD3/Mi-2 chromatin remodeling factor and is involved in scavenging reactive oxygen species during leaf development
EMF1 acts as a transcriptional repressor of VIN3, a gene required for sensing long-term winter cold for flowering
Molecular approach to develop novel plantsoptimizing the shade avoidance syndrome (SAS)
Diversity of chloroplast genome and development of SSR markers for breeding of Peucedanum japonicum
Physiological and biochemical conditions for discrimination between haploid and diploid maize kernels
고추 Pun1 homologs 들과 매운맛과의 분자생물학적 연구
Investigation of the in vitro effects of total extracts from pepper on amyloid production and aggregation
Investigation of alpha-glucosidase inhibitory activity in different pepper cultivars (Capsicum annuum L.)
Two circadian rhythm regulators, CIRCADIAN CLOCK ASSOCIATED 1 (CCA1) and LATE ELONGATED HYPOCOTYL (LHY) recognize long-term cold to induce VERNALIZATION INSENSITIVE 3 (VIN3) for flowering in Arabidopsis
Modification of seed colors via LDOX gene editing by CRISPR/Cas9 system in rice
Genome-wide screening of abiotic stress-responsive long noncoding RNAs in rice
Stable recombinant protein expression in pepper using a broad bean wilt virus 2-based vector system
Comparative analysis on transcriptome and metabolome between insect-resistant wild potato S. berthaultii and insect-susceptible potato S. tuberosum cv. “Sumi” to identify genes involved in insect-resistance
Comparative gene expression analysis of seed development in waxy and dent maize (Zea mays)
Identification of candidate genes conferring resistance to foxglove aphid in soybean
Characterization of volatiles and phytonutrients in grains of advanced breeding lines to develop a new fragrant rice variety with superior nutritional value
Comprehensive analysis of R Gene composition in a Ctv locus conferring citrus tristeza virus resistance from the genetic resources of citrus and its relatives
Detection of SNPs among 13 Korean japonica rice varieties using genome sequencing data for SNP marker development
Identification of structural and regulatory genes involved in anthocyanin biosynthesis that confers the flower color of chrysanthemum
Genomic structure and genome wide association study for seed weight using Korean soybean landrace and cultivar
Development of drought tolerant temperate rice varieties utilizing Pup1 and drought QTLs
Identification of key plastidic phosphoglucomutase and ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase isoforms essential for successful fertilization in rice
Optimization of TRV mediated CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing in Tomato
Changes in crop productivity induced by new sp mutant alleles
Characterization of the microtubule-associated RING finger protein 2 (OsMAR2), acts as a negative regulator in responses to salt stress in Arabidopsis
Analysis of Anthocyanins, Chlorophyll and Carotenoid compounds during Seed Development in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
Seed coat color segregation of an F3 (Yellow x Deep Purple), genetic analysis and temperature effects in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
Study of gene expression and interacting proteins of wheat MAP Kinase family under cold treatment
Identification of expression levels of arsenic-related genes and genome-wide transcriptome profiling of genes associated with arsenic in arsenic-tolerant rice mutant
야생벼 수량안정성 유전자 분리 및 품종 개발
Identification and functional analysis of ASR genes under drought stress in Brachypodium distachyon L.
A genome-wide association study of biomass productivity in core collection of Miscanthus
Anti-osteoporosis effect of T99 soybean with high isoflavone content
Development of “Miscold“, a new cold-tolerant Miscanthus variety
Establishment of double-haploid breeding system to produce Korean wheat lines with extra-strong gluten and wheat-Leymus addition lines
벼 분자육종에서 KASP 마커의 활용
Development of efficient plant regeneration systems in chrysanthemum ‘Ohblang’ and ‘Baekgang’
Development of a new S locus haplotyping system based on three tightly linked genes in the S locus controlling self-incompatibility in radish (Raphanus sativus L.)
신규 유전자원을 이용한 고추 탄저병저항성 분자표지 개발 및 국내외 품종육성 과제 진도 보고
The Effects of Keunnunjami embryo on lipid meta metabolism
The bean pod mottle virus silencing vector triggers acute response in Rsv resistance gene carrying soybean cultivars.
Light inhibits COP1-mediated degradation of ICE transcription factors to induce stomatal development in Arabidopsis
Databases for metabolomics-assisted life science
Ubiquitin-specific protease, CaDUB1, positively regulates ABA signaling and drought tolerance in Capsicum annuum
The function of the alpha 1,3-fucosyltransferase gene on anther and pollen development in rice (Oryza sativa)
글로벌 농업생명공학 기술 및 활용 정보공유 시스템 구축
Ethephon application increased mineral uptake and development of adventitious roots of soybean (Glycine max L) under waterlogging condition
옥수수에서 유전자 전달기술 확립 및 효율 증진 연구
유전자편집 기반 토마토 웅성불임 변이체 개발 및 활용체계 구축
Characteristics of plant regenerated through anther culture using GM rice
QTL analysis with optical coherence tomography data to bacterial leaf blight in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Gravistimulation on different orientations changes the accumulation pattern of OsPIN genes encoding auxin efflux facilitator in the endodermis of transition zone in Oryza sativa seedlings
Development of performing new forms of rice (Oryza sativa L.) related to yield and ecology through SNDH population (Double Haploid) by using QTL analysis
생명공학(GM)기술에 대한 소통 거버넌스(협치) 전략
Functional analysis of Oryza sativa LATE ELONGATED HYPOCOTYL (OsLHY) in controlling of seed development in rice
Functional analysis of Oryza sativa Cryptochrome-Interacting Basic-Helix- Loop-Helix1 (OsCIB1) in controlling of leaf angle and grain size in rice
The F-box protein FKF1 inhibits dimerization of COP1 in the control of photoperiodic flowering
Development of transgenic rice producing dammarenediol-II of ginseng
A N molecular sensor system: a breeding technique for development of high NUE rice under low N conditions
Seralini’s 2012 publication on long term animal study of GMO corn and its effect on the GMO risk communication in Korea
PAPs-mediated chloroplast development in rice
Optimization of virus induced gene silencing in different petunia cultivars using pepper phytoene desaturase (PDS) gene
농업생명공학연구단 도출 생명공학작물 개발성과 분석 및 가치증대 활용방안 연구
농업생명공학 분야 과학정보 포털 서비스 구축 연구
MULTISEEDED affects sorghum grain yield regulating at pedicellate spikelet fertility
Genome-wide analysis of long non-coding RNAs in radish (Raphanus sativus)
사포닌 생합성 벼의 우수라인 육성
제초제저항성 잔디의 환경모니터링
Development of transgenic alfalfa having increased biomass and reduced lignin content
Chemical composition and nutritions properties of soybean cultivars cultivated in the different locations
Plasticity between PTI and ETI through Nonsense-mediated mRNA decay
화장품 소재 단백질 생산용 형질전환 콩의 인체위해성 및 잡초화 가능성 평가 방법 개발
RNAi 기법을 이용한 응애 저항성 생명공학 배추의 개발
The change of ABA responsiveness through hydrophobic environments in the VxGΦL motif of PP2Cs in Oryza sativa
GM콩 재배와 교잡종에 의한 곤충상 영향평가 개발 및 지침서 작성
GM콩과 근연종의 교잡종 개발 및 환경 모니터링 분석
화장품 소재 단백질 생산용 형질전환 콩의 농업환경 생물종 위해성 평가 기술 개발
The potential targets for improving plant tolerance to drought stress using drought-responsive microRNAs
Resistance of transgenic rice events (rbcS:cry1Ac) against three lepidopteran rice pests
인델 빅데이터를 기반으로 한 자연변이 벼 품종 활용기술 개발
농업애로사항 해결용 유용 생명공학 배추 선발을 위한 농업 형질의 실질적 동등성 분석
국내 개발 고유 유전자의 형질전환체 분석을 통한 글로벌 시장용 벼 이벤트 선발 및 육성
중국 지역적응 이벤트 개발 및 활용을 위한 GM작물 개발
Establishing plant viruses as tools to bioengineer corn, soybean, barley and important vegetable crops
Genome information mediating discovery of useful rice genes for enhanced nutrient use efficiencies and the functional identification.
Strategic approaches to the development of β-carotene-enriched transgenic rice as GMO Events
Carotenoid metabolic engineering via the polycistronic expression using viral 2A sequences and codon-optimized carotenogenic genes in rice endosperm
Epigenetic regulation-mediated drought tolerance in rice
식물표현체 기술을 이용한 벼의 생육 및 건조 형질 분석
농업생명공학연구사업 성과확산을 위한 사업화 인프라 구축 및 성공사례 도출
Stable expression of brazzein protein with alternative sweetener in rice cell lines
Manipulation of plant autophagy Atg8 by pathogen effector PopP2
시데로포아를 대량생산하는 형질전환 양송이 구축
Development of image-based traits for model tomato(Micro-Tome)
Comparative study of antinutrient compounds in different Korean soybean varieties
Production of dammarenediol-II and protopanaxadiol in transgenic rice overexpressing Panax ginseng dammarenediol-II synthase gene
교배종 제초제내성 GM 잔디의 주변생태계에 미치는 영향평가
교배종 제초제내성 GM 잔디의 육성 및 환경위해성평가
GM콩과 교잡종간의 판별 성분 검출법 개발
기능성 GM콩의 알레르기성 평가기술 개발
Compositional analysis of hot pepper cultivars cultivated in the different locations and the natural variations by the evironmental factors
교배종 제초제내성 GM잔디의 분자생물 및 유전학적 특성평가
글로벌화 가능 신규 재해내성과 수량성 증대 유전자 개발
Production of recombinant brazzein proteins, a new type of alterative sweeter in transgenic rice
의약소재 당대사 개선용 형질전환 벼 특성 및 효능평가
PCR을 이용한 유전자변형 토마토 검출 방법 개발
Development of α-linolenic acid-increased soybean by the overexpression of PfFAD3-1 gene
Genome plasticity affects bacterial virulence in Burkholderia glumae.
Establishing plant viruses as tools to bioengineer corn, soybean, barley and important vegetable crops
국회의원의 GM기술 및 GMO에 대한 인식변화 추이
농업생명공학에 대한 효율적 정보제공 프로그램 개발
High expression of recombinant proteins in Arabidopsis protoplasts by using Gal4/UAS gene expression system and PTGS suppressor
LegCompara: A bioinformatic module for comparative analysis of legume genomes
LegExpress: A translational bioinformatic platform for transcriptome analysis of the legumes
작물 표현형 분석을 위한 IR 카메라의 정밀 자세 추정 방법
Function of iron permeases of Fusarium graminearum in pathogenesis
Characterization of a male sterile mutant line reveals that asymmetric microspore division is controlled by a MYB transcription factor in Arabidopsis
Identification of a gene critical for the germ cell migration after pollen mitosis I in Arabidopsis
Taraxacum kok-saghyz에서 메탄올의 옆면 살포에 의한 천연고무 생산량 변화
Development of humanized rice cell lines for recombinant protein production in plants
Development of hybrid-synthetic promoters responding to abiotic stress
Comparative composition of genetically modified soybeans conferring herbicide tolerance and cosmeceutical protein production
CHIP1 mediates chloroplast anchoring via protein-protein interaction with CHUP1
Molecular breeding of vegetable crops for optimization of photosynthetic ability in light-controlled plant cultivation system
Overexpression of auxin biosynthetic enzyme YUCCA6 enhances multiple abiotic stress tolerances in arabidopsis
농업생명공학연구단 벼 자원 및 생명정보 중장기 보존과 검정 사업
Seed starch improvement in legumes: recent advances and applicability
Optimization of plant expression vector for tomato transformation
The development of biotic stress resistance plant using Hot pepper NADPH-cytochrome P450 reductase 2 (CaCPR2)
Functional characterization of SlP450-72 gene from tomato through in vivo and in vitro
The comparison of two base-editors for precise nucleotide substitution in plants
Manipulation of inflorescence architecture for tomato productivity
식량작물 유전체 정보이용 분자표지 포털
A comparative synteny analysis tool for target-gene SNP marker discovery: connecting genomics data to breeding in Solanaceae
TGIL: An integrative bioinformatic platform for genomics-assisted breeding
두과작물 유전체예측 및 오믹스 오픈소스플랫폼 개발 및 활용
최근 농업연구 동향 및 엘지화학의 ag-biotechnology에 대한 비전
Surfing the web of plant innate immunity: from recognition to engineering
Enrichment of Brassica Vegetables’ genepool for secondary metabolites and disease resistance through wide-hybridization
Bioinformatics applications in horticultural crops using conventional tools and methodologies for crop improvement
중앙아시아 씨감자시장 진출을 위한 기반조성 성과
배가 반수체(Doubled Haploid) 기술에 의한 국내 옥수수 육종체계 변화
Progress and challenges of tree breeding in South Korea
Discovery of trait-associated omic-markers in Korean chestnut species
공동심포지엄 주요일정, 분과발표, 사업단발표