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Anti-inflammatory Compounds and Chromatographic Pattern Analysis of Lithospermi Radix

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Strategy for the Configuration of Research Topics and Contents
ERC as a Consolidating Base for Research Excellence: Graduate Students Participation
A Systemic Approach to the Development of New Drug Candidates and Scientist Training
MRC Funding Makes Great Achievements of Young Scientist
Emergent Strategy for Academy-Industry Cooperation
Strategy for Global Networking and Research Collaboration
Basic Requirements of Patentability & Patent Examination Process
IP-R&D Strategy for Creating a Strong Intellectual Property
IP-R&D Strategy for Pharmaceutical R&D
The Analysis of Expiration Predetermine Patents of Material and Its Practical Application
Research Laboratory Notebook's Record and Utilization for Creation and Protection of Intellectual property
Vascular Network Formation by Co-injection of Two Human Vasculogenic Cells within Ischemic Muscle
Regulation of Angiogenesis and Vascular Function by miRNAs
Influence of Tumor Microenvironment on Angiogenesis and Drug Resistance
Organotypic Angiogenesis and Remodeling
Making a Difference for Your Transplant Patients and Interdisciplinary Care Team
Progress in Community Pharmacy Practice
Data-mining for Early Detection of Safety Signals in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS): Focused on Pneumococcal 13-Valent Conjugate Vaccine
Underutilization of Warfarin for Stroke Prophylaxis in Patients with Atrial fibrillation or Atrial flutter in Korea
MicroRNA-382 Induced by HIF-1α is an Angiogenic miR Targeting the Tumour Suppressor Phosphatase and Tensin Homolog
A Toe in the Door for Fight Against Angiogenesis-Related Blindness; Beyond Anti-VEGF Antibody Treatment
The Secreted Glycoprotein Leucine-rich α-2-glycoprotein 1 (LRG1) Promotes Pathological Angiogenesis
Engineered Biosynthesis of Medicinal Natural Products
Development of New Drugs for Psychiatric Disorders Inspired by Animal Pharmacognosy
Searching for Novel Drug-like Molecules from Symbionts
Breaking the Hepatitis C Virus Species Barrier
Characterization of a Novel Inhibitor Acting on Early and Late Steps of the Hepatitis C Virus Life Cycle
Breaking the Barriers: KSHV Infection in the B Cell Compartment and Control of Its Reactivation
Establishment and Evaluation of Institutional Pharmacy Experimental Education
Evaluation of Preceptors and Students for Community Pharmacy Practice
Establishment and Evaluation of Pharmaceutical Industrial Pharmacy Education
Establishment and Evaluation of Pharmacy Administration Practice
Prof. Bong-Syup Toh, the First Dean of Pharmaceutical College of Seoul
History of Pharmacy Education Eligibility Test (PEET)
Thirty-six Years of Experience in Supplying HPLC and Detectors to Pharmaceutical Industry and Academy
Dong Hwa Pharm, One Hundred Years Dedication to Pharmaceutical Industry in Korea
Recent Efforts in Kinase Drug Development: Targets, Chemical Leads, and Strategies
Challenge and Opportunity of Drug Development in Diabetes and Obesity
Development of CaV1.3-Selective L-Type Calcium Channel Antagonists: Potential New Therapeutics for Parkinson's Disease
Histone Methyltransferases as a Novel Target for Anti-Cancer Therapy
Emergent Bradycardia with Initiation of Immediate or Slow Release Metoprolol
Pharmacometrics Applied to Translational Researches : Case Studies
Pharmacometabolomics and Its Potential in Drug Development
Utility of Prospective Genotyping of Thymidylate Synthase in Improving Outcomes for Patients with Gastric and Gastroesophageal Cancers
Prediction Drug Interaction Potential with a Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Model: A Case Study of Cilostazol, a Time-dependent CYP3A Inhibitor
Identification of New Functional Biomarker for Liver Injury in HCV-patients
Particle design of Composite Nanoparticles Using Supercritical Antisolvent Process
Computational Studies for Linking Small Molecules to Proteins
Oligomeric Nanosystems for Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy
Structure and Function of Hikeshi, a New Nuclear Transport Receptor of Hsp70
In Vitro Evaluation of Taste Masking Efficiency Using Electronic Tongue
Good pharmaceutical Care Practice Beyond Good Pharmacy Practice
Further Education to the Special Pharmacist in German and their Honor
A Proposal for the Implementation of Pharmaceutical Care Specialist Program in Korea
Post-Graduate Pharmacy Training in the United States
A Lithium Naphthalocyanine Derivative as an Oxygen Sensor in the Isolated Beating Heart and its Potential in Vivo Use
Fluorescent Nanoparticle-Based Disease Imaging and Therapy
Personalized Diagnosis of Cancers at the Protein-protein Interaction Level
"WOLF" Cell Sorter: a Microfluidic Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorter for Easy Isolation of Target Single Cells
Chiral Discrimination of Enantiomers by NMR spectroscopy
The Effects of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Drug in Living Organism Studied by NMR Spectroscopy
History and Progress of PET- Radiopharmaceuticals
Introduction of National Project to Establish Platform to Develop the New Concept Therapy using Radioisotope-applied Technology
Developing Professional Radiopharmacist through the Site Experimental Training Using National Nuclear Research Facilities
14C Radioisotope Labeled Compound Custom Synthesis & ADME Studies
Combining In-Vivo Animal Models with Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetics (PBPK) Modeling to Predict Huaman Exposure and Bioavailability
Comparative Evaluation of Quality Attributes of Vegetable and Gelatin Soft Capsules
Skin Application and Functional Regulation of Adipose-derived Stem Cells
Bioengineered Pancreatic Islets Transplantation for the Successful Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes
Drug-Interaction of Herbal Medicine; Toxicological review
Drug-Herb Interaction in the Aspect of Clinical Pharmacology
Relationship Between Human Intestinal Microbiota and Green Tea
Domestic Open Collaboration for Global Business Opportunities
Open Innovation in Life Cycle Management
Lessons from IMI : MFDS Perspective
Open Innovation and the Benefits of Public Private Partnership (PPP)
Making Better Companion Diagnostics through Industry-Academia Partnerships
Development of an Information and Database System for Drug Discovery
The Current Status of KCB Chemical Library and DB
SMB-5 Protects Impairment of Ubiquitin Proteasome System and 6-Hydroxydopamine Induced Apoptosis and Reactive Oxygen Species Over-Generation in SH-SY5Y Cells
Synergic Effect of Gemcitabine by a Novel PI3K Inhibitor in Pancreatic Cancer
Direct Inhibition of Cytochrome P450 Isoforms by α-mangostin and γ-mangostin
Targeting Sphingolipid Biosynthesis by Myriocin Arrests G2/M Phase in Melanoma Cells
Receptor Binding Ability of a 177Lu Labeled Cyclic Analogue with Cholecystokinin Receptor
Pharmacokinetics of YJC-10592, a New Chemokine Receptor 2 (CCR-2) Antagonist, in Rats
The Effects of Methyl Gallate on the Regulation of Muscle Contraction in Rat Aorta
The Influence of a CYP2C19 Inhibitor on the Pharmacokinetics of Tolperisone in Relation to CYP2D6 Genotype
Effects of Natural Products on Airway Mucin Secretion In Vivo and TNF-α-induced Activation of NF-κB Signaling Pathway Involved in the Gene Expression and Production of Airway Mucin In Vitro
Salvia Plebeia Extract Suppresses the Inflammatory Response in Human Rheumatoid Synovial Fibroblasts and a Murine Model of Arthritis
Abusive Cannabinoids CB-13, AKB48, and APICA do not affect significantly Dopaminergic and Seroronergic System, but Produce Hypothermia and Memory Dysfunction in Mice
Green Tomato Extract Attenuates High-Fat Diet-Induced Obesity in C57BL/6 Mice
Antidepressant Drugs Affect Autophagy Induction in SH-SY5Y Cells
Resistance to the Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor Vorinostat by Activating a Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Singnaling
A Two-Sequence, Four-Period (2x4) Design Study to Assess the Bioequivalence of Generic and Branded 100 mg Eperisone Hydrochloride Tab. in Healthy Male Korean Volunteers
Tobacco Carcinogen-Induced RTK Signaling is Regulated via GPCR Signaling
Finasteride Inhibits Melanogenesis Through Melanocortin 1 Receptor Regulation in Melanocytes
Effects of (-)-Sesamin and Asarinin on Dopamine Biosynthesis in PC12 Cells
Generation of ROS by Compound C Leads to Sestrin2 Induction in HepG2 Cells
The Anti-tumor Effect of Cordyceps Extract was Associated with Increased Expression of p53 in RKO Cell-Derived Human Colon Cancer
MPG403 Extract Reduces Oxidative Stress-Induced Muscular Damage
Identification of a Novel Orally Active c-MET and RON Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor for the Treatment of c-MET-or RON-Activated Solid Tumors
Bee Venom Ameliorates Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Memory Loss by Preventing NF-κB pathway
Plk1 Inhibitors Have Different Cellular Effects, Depending on the Targeting Domains of Plk1
Simultaneous Determination of Sarpogrelate and Its Active Metabolite, M-1, in Human Plasma by Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry and Its Application to a Pharmacokinetic Study
Pharmacodynamic Imaging of TAS-102, a Novel Nucleoside Anti-Tumour Agent, by Positron Emission Tomography with [18F]Fluorothymidine in Human Colon Cancer Xenografts in Mice
Beneficial Effect of Humulus Japonicus Extract on Hyperlipidemia and Fatty Liver Induced by High Fat Diet Obesity
Prolyl Isomerase Pin1 Regulates Adipocyte Differentiation through PPAR Gamma Regulation
Relative Extent of Bioavailability Evaluation by Simultaneous Determination of Valsartan/Hydrochlorothiazide Complex Tablets : a Randomized, Single-Dose, Two-Period Crossover Study
Anti-inflammatory Effects of Physalis Alkekengi Fruit through Inhibition of PI3K/Akt and MAP Kinase Pathways in LPS-Induced BV2 Microglial Cells
Ethanol Promotes Progression of Hepatocellular Carcinoma through pERK-Mediated p90rsk Pathway
Para-Methoxymethamphetamine (PMMA)-Induced Neurotoxic Potentials; Comaprison with Methamphetamine (MA)
Quercetin-3-O-Glucuronide Increases Neural Stem Cell Proliferation
Sulfuretin Prevents Inflammatory Responses by Blocking the NF-κB and AP-1 Translocation Signaling Pathways in BV-2 Microglial Cells
1,2,4,5-Tetramethoxybenzene Suppresses Atopic Dermatitis-Like Skin Lesions
Studies on the Effects of Dermatophagoides Farinae (Df) Antigen Induced-Atopic Dermatitis in NC/Nga Mice
Agmatine Rescued ASD-Like Behavior in Valproic Acid-Induced Animal Model of Autism : New Implication for the ASD
Efficacy Study of Remsima and Remicadeon Collagen-Induce Arthritis in DBA/1J Mice
12, 14-Labdantrien-18-oic acid (LDTEA) from Pinus Densiflora Causes Vascular Relaxation
High-Throughput Screening of Cytochrome P450 Induction Using luminogenic Assay
House Dust Mite Allergen Induces Atopic Dermatitis via Toll-Like Receptor 1 and 6
Down-Regulation of MiR-96 May Mediate Multicellular Resistance to 5-FU in Tumor Spheroids Model
KR-62980 Suppresses Lipid Metabolism Through Inhibition of Cytosolic NADP Isocitrate Dehydrogenase in Zebrafish
Anti-tumor Activity of Compound A from Sun Ginseng Extract in Human Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Comparison of Rosiglitazone Metabolite Profiles in Rat Plasma Between Intraperitoneal and Oral Administration and Identification of Novel Metabolites by LC Triple-TOF
Protective Action of Pyridinylmethylene Benzothiophenone (PT-2-318) Against LPS/GalN-Induced Acute Liver Injury via Inhibition of K63-Linked Polyubiquitination for TAK1 Activation
Synergistic Effect of Cetuximab and Cisplatin on Human Colon Cancer Cell Growth via Inhibition of ERK Dependent EGFR Signal
Neuroprotection by Antiinflammatory and Antioxidative Flavone, Eupatilin, in Mice with Cerebral Focal Ischemia Reperfusion Injury
Effect of Ginseng Acidic Polysaccharide on Immuno Activity
The Pharmacokinetics of Zolpidem in CYP2C19 Genotypes
Comparative Study of Captopril- and Fimasartan-Induced Inhibitory Effects on Adrenal Catecholamine Secretion
The Impact of a Moderate CYP2C9 Inhibitor on the Pharmacokinetics of Meloxicam
Acetylation of Glutamate Carboxypeptidase II by HDAC1 Contributes to Its Stability
Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Potentiates Efficacy of Doxorubicin in Mouse Lung Cancer
Inhibition of LPS-induced Inflammatory Cytokine Production by KIS-712 via Suppression of JNK, ERK, AP-1 and NF-κB Signaling Pathways in Macrophages
Protein kinase C δ Gene Deficiency Attenuates Trimethyltin-Induced Neurotoxicity
Activation of Tyrosine Kinase Signaling Pathways by a Tobacco Carcinogen in Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells
Anti-cancer Effect of Cordyceps Extract in Xenograft Mouse Model Bearing Human Hepatoma Cell-Dereived Liver Cancer
Involvement of MAPK Signaling Pathway in LRRK2-G2019S-Related Modulation of Autophagy in Dopaminergic Neurons
Gastroprotective Effect of the Traditional Herbal Medicine, Sipjeondaebo-tang Water Extract, Against Ethanol-Induced Gastric Mucosal Injury
Qualitative Analysis of CYP3A4 Endogenous Biomarker - 4-Beta-Hydroxycholesterol - Using Liquid Chromatography-Electrospray Triple Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (LC-ESI-Triple TOF MS)
Effects of (-)-Sesamin on Chronic Stress Model in Mice
SC1 Suppresses Osteoclast Formation via Down-Regulating NFATc1
Inhibition of TNF-α-Induced Adhesion Molecule Expression by Lobastin in Mouse Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells via Downregulation of p38, ERK and NF-κB Signaling Pathways
Caffeic Acid Phenetyl Ester Improve Cutaneous Wound Healing in a Diabetic Mouse Model: Role of eNOS and VEGF
Hot-Water Extract of HA5 Suppresses VEGF-Induced Angiogenesis
The Influence of Smoking on the Pharmacokinetics of Tolperisone
CP2 Exhibits Potent Antitumor Effect in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Through Regulation of the LKB/AMPK/mTOR Pathway
Inhibition of p38 Pathway Dependent MPTP-Induced Dopaminergic Nneurodegeneration in Estrogen Receptor α Knockout Mice
Pharmacokinetic Profiles of Trifolirhizin, (-)-Maackiain, (-)-Sophoranone, and 2-(2,4-Dihydroxyphenyl)-5,6-Methylenedioxybenzofuran After Oral Administration of Sophora Tonkinensis Extract in Rats
Modulation of Neurotoxicity Induced by L-DOPA Through the ERK-cJun in PC12 Cells
Cationic Poly-Amino Acids Inhibit PrPSc
Anti-arthritis Effects of (E)-2-Methoxy-4-(3-(4 Methoxyphenyl) Prop-1-en-1-yl) Phenol Through Inhibition of STAT3 Pathway
Antiplatelet Activity of a New Butanolid Compound From Lindera Obtusiloba via GPVI Signaling Pathway
A Study on the Measuring Binding Affinity to Cannabinoid Type 1 Receptor Using Non-isotopic Receptor Binding Assay in Synthetic Cannabinoids
Dependence Liability of CP47,497 and Its Derivatives
Depletion of Gain-of-Function p53 Significantly Reduces the Tumor Cell Growth
Effect of OF70E and Its Fraction on Net Handling Stress in Zebrafish
Anti-angiogenesis Effects of MPG1 via Inhibition of VEGF-Induced Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells Proliferation
Night Milk Produced Hypnotic Effects and Augmented Pentobarbital-induced Sleeping Behavior in Mice
The Anti-inflammatory Effect of Sinhyowoldo-san Extract in Human Mast Cells (HMC-1)
Ligularia fischeri Attenuates Diet-Induced Obesity and Steatosis by Activating AMP-Activated Protein Kinase and Regulating Lipid Metabolism Cells
PKC Inhibition Restores Methamphetamine-Induced Reduction in the Level of Phospho-Tyrosine Hydroxylase at Serine 40 via Positive Modulations of Protein phosphatase 2A and Protein Kinase A
Cardiovascular Protective Effects of Cacao Polyphenols and Their Underlying Mechanism
Evaluation of the Dependence Potential of JWH-176, a Synthetic Cannabinoid Receptor Agonist
Antimelanogenic Activity of Diacetyl Caffeic Acid Cyclohexyl Ester
3-Hydroxyanthranilic Acid Inhibits LPS-induced Cytokine Production through Suppression of PI3K/NF-κB Signaling Pathways in RAW 264.7 Macrophages
Tumor Inflammation Contributes to Paclitaxel Resistance in Human Lung Cancer Cells
Pharmacokinetic Interaction of Finasteride with Co-administration of Saw Palmetto in Rats
Effects of Marine Natural Products on the Metabolism of APP from APPswe Overexpressing Neuro2a Cell Line
Capillarisin Protects SH-SY5Y Cells from Oxidative Stress via Regulating Nrf2/ARE-Mediated Antioxidant Defense Mechanism
Neuroprotective Effect of SK95, a Proteasome Activator, against MPP+-Induced Cell Death
Anti Pruritic Effects of Belamcanda chinensis in ICR Mice
PAR2 Antagonist Responses Inflammatory Mechanism Induced Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) in HepG2 Cells
A Parallel Design Study to Assess the Relative Bioavailability of Generic and Branded 200 mg Hydroxychloroquine sulfate Tab. in Healthy Male Korean Volunteers
Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics Modeling Study of Marbofloxacin Administered with Various Routes in Pigs
Portulaca grandiflora HOOK. Inhibits Lipopolysaccharide-Stimulated Neuroinflammatory Responses in BV-2 Microglial Cells through Suppression of the NF-kB Signaling Pathway
Critical Role of AMPK/FOXO3 Axis in Globular Adiponectin Induced Cell Cycle Arrest in HepG2 Cells
Stereoselective Inhibitory Assessment of Ginsenoside Rg3, Rg2, Rh2, Rh1 and Proropanaxadiol Epimers on Six UDP-gluronosyltransferases in Human Liver Microsomes
The Influence of PDE-5 Inhibitor on Cardiac Function Assessment in Male Sprague-Dawley Rats
Youngia denticulata Alleviates High-Fat Diet-Induced Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver via Activation of AMP-Activated Protein Kinase in HepG2 Cells and High-Fat Diet Fed Mice
Effects of Clarithromycin on the Pharmacokinetics of Zolpidem
Platelet-Activating Factor Receptor Mediates Phencyclidine-Induced Schizophrenia-ike Symptoms; Application of EGb 761
High-Fat Diet Induced Glucose Intolerance and Adipose Hypertrophy in Mice are Prevented by Butein through the Nrf2/HO-1 Pathway Mediated Antioxidant Effect in Adipocytes
Inhibition of Excitotoxic Neuronal Damage by N-((3,4-dihydro-2H-benzo[h]chromen-2-yl)methyl)-4-methoxyaniline in Primary Cultured Rat Cortical Cells
Role of Autophagy in gAcrp-Induced LPS Tolerance in TNF-Alpha Expression in RAW 264.7 Macrophages
Inhibitory Effect of a Novel Carbazol Derivative (EJCa15) on Platelet-Derived Growth Factor-Induced Migration and Proliferation of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell
Inhibitory Effect of Chromenone Derivative JSH-HS-14 on LPS-Induced NF-kB Activation via Directly Inhibity IKKβ Catalytic Kinase Activity
A Study on Neurotoxicity and Psychological Dependence of Synthetic Cannabinoids
Effect of Lobaric acid on Vascular Cell Adhesion Molecule-1 Expression in TNF-α-Stimulated Mouse Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells : Involvement of NF-kB and MAPK Signaling Pathways
New Triterpenoid Compounds Derived from Astilbe rivularis Enhance Glucose Uptake in C2C12 Myotubes via Akt and Erk1/2 Activation
Luteolin Exerts Neuroprotective Effect by Up-regulation of HO-1 via JNK Pathway in Primary Cultured Rat Cortical Cells
Protective Role of Glutathione Peroxidase1 Gene in the Nepherotoxicity Induced by Multiple Doses of Cocaine in Mice
In Vitro effects of the Isolated Natural Compound, KJB-2, on the High Affinity IgE Receptor-mediated Mast Cell Activation
Protective Effect of Phosphatidylcholine on Oxaliplatin Induced Neuropathy in Rats
Acer rubrum L. Ameliorates Lipopolysaccharide-Stimulated Inflammatory Responses through Supression of the NF-kB Activation
Determination of Desmopressin in Human Plasma by LC-MS/MS: Application of Desmopressin ODF Formulation to a Pharmacokinetic Study in Healthy Male Korean Subjects
Kyungokgo Mixed Extract of Hovenia Dulcis Inhibits Ovariectomy-Induced Bone Loss by Reducing Osteoclast Differentiation
β-Amyrin Prolonged Pentobarbital-Induced Sleeping Behavior in Mice by Increased GABA Content
Inhibitory Effect of Snake Venom Toxin on NF-κB Activity Prevents Human Cervical Cancer Cell Growth via Increase of Death Receptor 3 and 5 Expression
Two New Secoiridoid Glycoside Compounds of the Fruits of Ligustrum lucidum Ait
Role of Ceruloplasmin in Epileptic Seizures
New Inhibitors as Potential Anticancer Agents in Human Breast Cancer Cell
Inhibitory Effect of Natural Extract MPG416 on Allergic Response
Vasoprotective Effect of Quercus salicina Leaf Extract : the Role of Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase
5-FU Resistance Mechanism Mediated by Protein S in Human Colon Cancer Cells
Inhibition of E2F3 by miR-199a-5p in Mesenchymal Liver Tumor: Anti-tumor Effect of Potoporphyrin Ⅸ
Neuroprotective Effect of H88 in OGD Model in SH-SY5Y Cells and MCAO Model in Rats for Ischemic Stroke
3’S, 4’S-Disenecioylkhellactone Compounds from the Roots of Peucedanum japonicum Induce Apoptosis by Causing Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Collapse in HL-60 Cells
An Aptide-Based Strategy for the Extension of Half-Life of Therapeutic Peptides
Neuroprotective Effect of 6-Paradol in Focal Cerebral Ischemia Involves the Attenuation of Neuroinflammatory Responses in Activated Microglia
CYP2D6 Inhibitor Significantly Affects the Pharmacokinetics of Tolperisone in Different CYP2C19 Genotypes
Morin Potentiates the Effect of a β-Lactam Antibiotic Against Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus
The Role of Ninjurin1 on Mouse Model of CNS Inflammatory Disease
Ginsenoside Re Provides Protection Against Methamphetamine Neurotoxicity in Human Neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y Cell Line
Synthetic Estrogen Receptor-Related Receptor Gamma Agonist GSK4716 Analogs Enhance the Dopaminergic Neuronal Phenotypes in SH-SY5Y Cells
Anti-adipogenic Activity of Anti-Malarial Drugs
Involvement of MiR-1972 and Its Putative Target BNIP3L in Multicellular Resistance to 5-FU
The Impact of a Strong CYP2D6 Inhibitor on the Pharmacokinetics of Tolperisone in CYP2C19 Poor Metabolizers
Indoleamine 2,3-Dioxygenase-1 Gene Mediates Dextromethophan-Induced Serotonin Syndrome via Activation of 5-HT1A Receptors
The Machanism of Torilin in Antimelanogenesis
Inhibitory effect of Tricyclic Antidepressant (Amitriptyline) on Electrical Field Stimulation (EFS) Induced Colon Muscle Contraction
Dietary Supplementation with a Fermented Barley and Soybean Mixture Attenuates UVB-Induced Skin Aging and Dehydration in Hairless Mouse Skin
KSY-PH1; A Novel Sirt1 Activator Promotes Regeneration and Wound Healing in Skin Cells
AMP-Activated Protein Kinase Inhibitor Compound C Inhibits Adipocyte-Mediated Macrophage Chemotaxis Through Targeting AKT-FAK Pathway
The Cardiac Function of Dimethyl Sulfoxide Using Pressure-Volume Conductance Catheter Technique
Inhibitory Effect of Rhamnetin on Differentiation of 3T3-L1 Cells
Positive Effects of Danshensu on Pentobarbital-induced Sleep in Mice
Gα12 Overexpression in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Facilitates Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition and Microvascular Invasion
Contraction Induced by ATP and UTP in Feline Esophageal Smooth Muscle Cells is Preferentially Mediated by P2Y Receptors Coupled to Gαi3 & Gαq Activating PLCβ1 & PLCβ3
Effects of Cigarette Smoke During Adolescence on the Sensitivity to the Addictive Effects of Nicotine in Rats
Melanocyte Cluster Migration Model on Three Dimensional Matrigel
Effects of Gynosaponin on L-DOPA-Induced Cytotoxicity in PC12 Cells
YY1 Represses Adipocyte Differentiation through the Regulation of Adipogenic Transcriptional Factors in 3T3-L1 Cells
Quantitation and Pharmacokinetics of Vitisin B, a Tetramer of Resveratrol, in Rat Plasma by Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Identification of New Functional Biomarker for Liver Injury in HCV-Patients
High Resolution Metabolomics to Discover Potential Biomarkers in Multiple Subtypes of Lymphoma
Protective Effects of Resveratrol and Its Analogs on Age-related Macular Degeneration
Inhibitory Effects of Saponins Isolated from the Root of Platycodon Grandiflorum on Ovalbumin-induced Airway Hyperresponsiveness via Attenuation of Mucin Production and Airway Remodeling in Mice
Revision of NIER Test Guideline for Chemical Assessment: Repeated Dose 28-Day Oral Toxicity Study in Rodents
Revision of NIER Test Guideline for Chemical Assessment: Carcinogenicity Studies
The Cardiac Safety and Antitumor Profiles of Aurora Kinase Inhibitor ZM447439
Revision of NIER Test Guideline for Chemical Assessment: In Vivo Mammalian Erythrocyte Micronucleus Test
Inhibitory Effect of Rutaecarpine on Tert-Butyl Hydoperoxide-induced Apoptosis in HepG2
Revision of NIER Test Guideline for Chemical Assessment: Bacterial Reverse Mutation Test
Enactment of NIER Test Guideline for Chemical Assessment: Subacute Inhalation Toxicity (28-Day Study)
Automated Analysis of Phthalates with GC/MS Using TriPlus RSH, Multi-purpose Autosampler
An Integrative Network of MicroRNAs and Transcriptomics on Acute Kidney Injury
Effects of Ginkgo Biloba Extract on Steroid Sulfatase in Various Cells
Anticancer Potentials of Ginkgo Biloba Extract on Human Lung Carcinoma A549 Cell Lines
Korean Red Ginseng Ameliorates Alcoholic Steatosis via AMPK/Sirt1 Activation
Anti-oxidative Activity of Impressic Acid Isolated from Acanthopanax Koreanum via Akt-mediated Nrf2/ HO-1 Pathway in Endothelial Cells
Manganese Exposure and its Susceptibility
Aster Spathulifolius Extract Inhibits Adipocyte Differentiation in 3T3-L1 Preadipocytes through Down-regulation of Adipogenesis and Lipogenesis Related Gene Expression
(-)-Menthol and Related Compounds from Peppermint Oil as Rat Prostate Testosterone 5α-Reductase Inhibitors
Comparison of Pharmacological Properties of Artemisia Annua L. with Different Extraction Processes
Enactment of NIER Test Guideline for Chemical Assessment: Mouse Heritable Translocation Assay
In vitro Carcinogenic Potential of Several Known Lung Carcinogens Using Balb/c 3T3 A31-1-1 Cell Transformation Assay
Anticancer Effect of Alkylaminopyridazine Derivatives against Human Colon Carcinoma RKO Cells
High Resolution Metabolomics to Determine Environmental Impact of Sulfamethazine on Zebrafish
Paraquat Induces Apoptosis in Mouse Macrophage Raw264.7 Cells through a Mitochondria-Dependent Pathway
Hyperphosphorylation of Tau in Brain in DAB-Treated Mice is Associated with Cognitive Impairment
The Biocompatibility of Nano-anticancer Drugs In Vitro
Biocompatibility of Doxorubicin-conjugated Nanoparticles for Targeted Drug Delivery in Cancer
Inhibitory Effects of Saponins Isolated from the Root of Platycodon Grandiflorum on Estrogen Deficiency-induced Osteoporosis in Ovariectomized Mice via Osteoblast Differentiation Stimulation
Transcriptomic analysis of lncRNAs implicated in TNFα-induced anemia
Detoxification of Tobacco Toxicity by Vitamin C
Exploration of the Alternative Test Methods for Eye Irritation Tests using Human Corneal Epithelium Model
Anti-obesity Effects of Lancemaside A in 3T3 L1 Cells
Effect of Kahweol on HER2/SREBP-1/FAS-mediated Apoptosis in HER2-Overexpressing Breast Cancer Cells
Effect of LASAP-C on Melanogenesis in B16F10 Melanoma Cells and Zebrafish
Toll-like Receptor-mediated Sestin2 Gene Induction in Macrophages
Effects of Nanoparticles on Skin Irritation and Corrosion Using 3D Human Skin Model, Epiderm™
The Role of Sestrin2 on TLR-mediated Acute Hepatitis
The Effects of Ginkgo Biloba Extracts as an Inhibitor of Multiple Drug Resistant (MDR) Protein in Tamoxifen-Resistant MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cells
Inhibitory effects of Ginkgo Biloba Extracts (GBE) on Tamoxifen-induced Uterotrophic Activity in Immature Female Rats
Identification of Noninvasive Biomarkers for Nephrotoxicity Using HK-2 Human Kidney Epithelial Cells
Anti-Allergic Effect of KIOM-MA128 through Suppression of Mast Cell Activation
Attenuation of Colonic Inflammation by a New Jasmonate Analogue
Effect of the Butanol Fraction from Hydnocarpi Semen Crude Extract on Activation of Keratinocyte and Fibroblast
RORα Activates the PGC1α-TFAM Axis that Causes Mitochondrial Biogenesis in Liver
MHY218-Induced Apoptotic Cell Death is Mediated by Inhibition of Autophagy in AGS Human Gastric Cancer Cells
Anti-Atopic Dermatitis Effect of ScolopendrasinⅠin BALB/c Mouse Models
Activation of TRPM4 by Fluid Pressure Signaling in Rat Atrial Myocytes
Syntaxin4 Regulates the Surface Localization of a Promyogenic Receptor Cdo thereby Promotes Myogenic Differentiation
Effects of Caulerpa okamurae Extract on Metabolic Disorders in High-Fat Diet-Induced Obese Mice
Defensive Behaviors Against a Noxious Heat Stimulus are Declined with Age Due to the Reduction of Pain Sensing Gene Expression in Drosophila
Plumbagin Induces Reactive Oxygen Species-Mediated Apoptosis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells by Direct Inhibition of Thioredoxin Reductase Activity
Protective Effect of Butylated Hydroxylanisole Against Hydrogen Peroxide-Induced Apoptosis in Primary Cultured Mouse Hepatocytes
Interaction of Hepatitis B Virus X Protein with PARP1 Results in Inhibition of DNA Repair in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Block of Nav1.7 Sodium Current by Chlorpromazine
Bisphenol A (BPA) Suppresses Myotube Formation via Inhibiting p38MAPK and Akt Signaling Pathway during Myogenesis
Effects of Berchemia Berchemiaefoliae (Mak.) KOIDZ Roots on Immobile Behavior and Anti-Depressive State in the Forced Swimming Test
NR1D1 is Recruited to the Double Strand DNA Breakage Site and Decreases DNA Repair Efficiency
Cytochrome P450 2J2 Inhibition by Tanshinone IIA Treatment Induces Apoptotic Cell Death in Hepatocellular Carcinoma HepG2 Cells
Beneficial Effect of Oligonol Supplementation on Sweating Response under Heat Stress in Humans
The Effects of Simvastatin on Arginine Transport in Blood-Retinal Barrier Cells under High Glucose Conditions
High- and Low-Voltage Activating K+ Channels Expressed at the Dendritic Terminals of Auditory Afferent Nerve Fibers in the Mammalian Cochlea
In vivo and ex vivo Imaging of Poly(L-lysine) in Mice
Mitochondrial DNA Copy Number Alterations in Gatric Cancer Tissues and Cell Lines
Characterization of Resolving Inflammation after Acute Colitis
Antimicroial Constituents of the Korean Euphorbia Supina Against High-Risk Pathogens
Cytotoxic Effects of Salvia miltiorrhiza BUNGE Extracts on Human Cancer Cell Lines
Trifluoperazine Blocks the Cardiac Sodium Channel, Nav1.5, in Calmodulin-Independent Manner
MONNA, a TMEM16A Antagonist, Blocks Spontaneous Activities in Inner Supporting Cells of the Developing Rat Cochlea
Monocarboxylate Transporters were Related to the Brain Transport of 4-phenylbutyrate through the Blood-Brain Barrier
The Orphan Nuclear Receptor ROR alpha Increases Transcription Level of PNPLA3/Adiponutrin in the Primary Mouse Hepatocytes
Possible Role of Stretch-Activated Cation Channel in Enhancement of Ca2+ Spark Occurrence in Rat Ventricular Myocytes under Fluid Pressure
Roles of Reactive Oxygen Species in Mouse Neural Stem Cell Cultures
Exacerbation of Intestinal Inflammation by Senescence Marker Protein 30 Deficiency
SR1078, a Synthetic RORα Agonist, Enhances Hepatic Autophagy in the High-Fat Diet-Induced NASH Mouse Model
Screening of Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors from Lichens
The Identification of Effect of Tyrosine Phosphorylated STAT3 Using Phosphorylation Specific Site Intrabody in Liver
Epigenetic Activation of the Foxa2 Gene Is Required for Maintaining the Potential of Neural Precursor Cells to Differentiate into Dopaminergic Neurons after Expansion
Radiotherapy of GRPR-expressing Prostate Tumors with a 177Lu-labeled Bombesin Derivative
Adverse Effects of AGEs on the Proliferation of Neural Stem Cells
Isoliquiritigenin Inhibits Tumor Necrosis Factor α-induced High Mobility Group Box 1 Acetylation in HT-29 Cells
Eclalbasaponin II, Isolated from Eclipta prostrata L., Induces Autophagic and Apoptotic Cell Death in Human Ovarian Cancer Cells
Methylated Indolequinone Induces PARP-dependent, Caspase-independent Cell Death : Involvement of NF-κB?
Air Plasma Jet Induces Genome Instability and Cell Death Independent of ROS-mediated Apoptosis
Interleukin-22 Induces AP-1 Activity and Cellular Transformation via Upregulation of MAP3K8 Activity
The Protective Role of Peroxiredoxin I in the Kidney of Cisplatin-injected Mice
Comparative Proteomic Analysis of Kidney from Adult Cloned Pig Using LC-MS/MS
Isocyperol Isolated from Rhizomes of Cyperus rotundus, Inhibits LPS-induced iNOS Expression and NO Production through Suppressing NFκB Pathway in LPS-stimulated RAW 264.7 Cells
Cadamonin Inhibits TGF-β1-induced Epithelial Mesenchumal Transition of A549 Lung Cancer Cells via Down-regulation of JNK by PP2A Up-regulation
Mutant p53 Enhances the Metastatic Potential of Ovarian Cancer Cells
Role of SPCIP2 in Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) of Breast Cancer Cells
Osterix Has a Critical Role in BMP2-induced Cx43 Promoter Activity In Vitro
TAZ, A novel Target for Treating Osteoporosis
Neuroprotective Effects of Morin on MPTP-Induced Parkinson's Disease Model
The Prolyl Isomerase Pin1 Induces Fatty Acid Synthase Expression and Mediates Trastuzumab Sensitivity in HER2-positive Breast Cancers
Heme Oxygenase-1 Regulation of Isoliquiritigenin Induced Apoptosis in Colon Cancer Cells by p62 Expression
Biological Assay of Synthetic Triazolothiadiazole Derivatives
Hypoxia Promotes Efficient Differentiation of hESCs into Vascular lineage Cells via a Paracrine Mechanism
The Novel miRNA Inhibits the Proliferation and Migration of Human Lung Cancer Cells
PRDX6 Ameliorates Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis by Suppressing Inflammation and Blood-brain-barrier Disruption
Alterporriol E Regulates NF-kB Cell Signaling via p65 Acetylation
PRMT5 Regulates the HIF-1a Functions in Response to Hypoxia
The Novel smR-167 Decreases the Proliferation and Migration of NSCLC by Targeting IGF1R
Selective Inhibition of HDAC6 Regulates Preferential Cytotoxicity in Cancer Cells by Modulating p53 and Hsp90 Stability
PMC-12 Enhances Hippocampal Neurogenesis and Spatial Learning-Memory
Establishment of Active Chromatin Structure at Enhancer Elements by H3K4 Methyltransferase MLL1
The Quality Evaluation of Disinfectants Used during Avian Influenza Outbreak in 2014
Cloning of Novel MicroRNAs from Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells
The Prolyl Isomerase Pin1 interacts with AMPK and Inhibits Its Activity to Induce Tumorigenicity of SK-Hep-1 Cells
Facile Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Biological Activities of 4-(2-fluorophenyl)-3-(3-methoxybenzyl)-1H-1,2,4-triazol-5(4H)-one
S1P-induced CRP Expression is Crucial for MMP-9 Upregulation and Breast Cell Invasion
Network of Serotonin-5-HT6R-APBA1/2 in Alzheimer’s Disease and Depression
Comparative Proteomic Analysis of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Derived from a Human Huntington’s Disease Patient
Effects of Flavonoids on Senescence-Associated Secretory Phenotype Formation in Bleomycin-Treated BJ Fibroblasts
OT-55 Induces Cell Death via Inhibition of TNFα-induced NF-kB Activation in Human Leukemia
Inhibition of MMP-13 Expression of IL-1β-Treated Articular Chondrocytes by Steroidal Saponin, Spicatoside A, and Cellular Action Mechanisms
Microarray Analysis of Genes Regulated by Three Human Heterochromatin Protein 1 (HP1) Homologs
BK2, Isolated from Ailanthi Cortex, Inhibits LPS-induced NO and PGE2Production in RAW 264.7 Cells
Effect of Ethacrynic Acid on Sphingophosphorylcholine-indeced Keratin 8 Phosphorylation and Reoganization
Flightless I (Drosophila) Homolog Facilitates Chromatin Accessibility of the Estrogen Receptor a Target Genes in MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cells
Role of p62/Sequestosome-1 in 2',4',6'-tris (methoxymethoxy) Chalcone (TMMC)-induced Autophagy and Apoptosis in Human Colon Cancer Cells
Inhibitory Effects of Deguelin Derivatives on Hypoxia-Mediated Retinal Neovascularization and Vascular Hyperpermeability
Effect of Histone H3 Lys9 Demethylase (KDM4) Inhibitor in Tumorigenesis
Comparative Proteomic Analysis of Phosphotyrosyl Proteins in Human Embryonic Neural Stem Cells
Akap12 Is Essential to Generate Coordinated Zebrafish Locomotion
α-Terthienylmethanol, Isolated from Eclipta prostrata, Induces Apoptosis by Generating Reactive Oxygen Species in Human Endometrial Cancer Cells
Discoidin Domain Receptor (DDR) 1 is a Novel Transcriptional Target of ZEB1 in Breast Epithelial Cells
The Novel miRNA is Significantly Suppressed Cell Proliferation and Metastasis In vitro and In vivo
Identification of Specific Genes Expression in S-hMSCs and Y-hMSCs
Inhibitory Effects of a New Diarylureas and Diarylamides Derivative, KIST101029, on Activator Protein-1 Activity and Neoplastic Cell Transformation Induced by IGF-1 in JB6 Cl41 cells
Involvement of SPCIP11 in SPC-induced Keratin Phosphorylation and Reorganization in A549 Lung Cancer Cells
COT Activates Prolyl-Isomerase Pin1 to Enhance Breast Tumorigenesis
Prolyl Isomerase Pin1 Decreases the Stability of SUV39H1 to Promote Breast Tumorigenesis
Role of Flightless-I (Drosophila) Homolog in the Transcription Activation of Type I Collagen Gene Mediated by TGFb
Methyl Protodioscin from the Roots of Asparagus cochinchinensis Attenuates Airway Inflammation by Inhibiting Cytokine Generation
Effects of Bifidobacterium longum SPM1205, 1206 and Lactobacillus ruminis SPM0211 against Rotavirus Infection through Modulating IFN Signaling Pathway in Neonatal Mouse Model
Prohibitin is a Host Partner of RtxA1 Toxin in Vibrio vulnificus Cytotoxicity
The role of SHP on Osteoclast formation
Inhibitory Activity of a Novel Antibacterial Peptide Purified from Bacillus sp. YD1, Isolated from a Fermented Food
Enhanced Dendritic Cell Maturation by the Korean Mistletoe Lectin B-chain (KML-B), a Novel TLR4 Agonist
Inhibitory Effect of D-chiro-inositol against Human Breast Cancer
Fexaramine Inhibits Receptor Activator of Nuclear Factor-κB Ligand-mediated Osteoclast Formation
Anti-inflammatory Effect of 1,7-substituted Methylxanthine Derivatives on Raw 264.7 and HK-2 Cells
An Extracellular Alkaline Mannanase from Streptomyces sp.CS147
Inhibition of Enterovirus 71 Replication and the Replication and the Viral 3C Protease by Coliragin
Comparison, Composition, Antimicrobial Activities and Literature Review of Chamaecyparis obtusa Essential Oils against Infectious Microbes
In Vivo Activity of New Oxazolidinone, LCB01-0371, Against Soft Tissue Infection and Thigh Infection in Mice
SUMO2 overexpression Enhances Generation and Function of IL-17-producing CD8+ T Cells
Antimicrobial and Antioxidative Activities of Peptide Produced by Bacillus sp.
Effect of Rutagraveolens L. on Osteoclast Differentiation and Bone Resorption
Isolation and Characterization of Antimicrobial Peptide Produced by Bacillus Strain Obtained from Kimchi
CD8+ T Cells and Dendritic Cells Have Compensatory Role to Maintain Gut Immune Regulation in Functional Defect of CD4+Treg
9α-Hydroxylation of Testosterone by Resting Nocardiform Bacteria Rhodococcus equi
K7 Suppresses RANKL-induced Osteoclast Formation via NFATc1 Expression
Euphorbia kansui Roots Inhibit the Differentiation of Naïve CD4+ T cells into Th17 T cells
Biotransformation of Testosterone by Resting Nocardioform Bacteria Rhodococcus equi
Antimicrobial and Anti-inflammatory Effect of Nargenicin and its Derivatives
Fermentation, Quality Characteristics and Moisturing Effect of Poly-γ-glutamic Acid(PGA) Produced by Bacillus subtilis
Antiviral Activity of Manassantin B against Human Enteroviruses
The Regulatory Mechanism by which Maintains the Balance between Macrophages and Osteoclasts
Gold Nanoparticles Displaying Tumor-associated Self-antigens as a Potential Vaccine for Effective Cancer Immunotherapy
CCR5 Deficiency Increased Susceptibility to Lipopolysaccharide-induced Acute Renal Injury in Aged Mice
Modification of 3-Arylisoquinolines into 3,4-Diarylisoquinolines and Assessment of Their Cytotoxicity and Topoisomerase Inhibition
New Polycyclic Antibiotics from a Wetland-derived Marine Actinomycete
Palladium-catalyzed Decarboxylative Acylation of Highly Substituted Indolines with α-Keto Acids via C–H Bond Activation
Gold-catalyzed Tandem Cyclization-Fluorination of 2-Alkynone O-Methyl Oximes
Ru(II)-catalyzed Selective C–H Amination of Xanthones and Chromones with Sulfonyl Azides
Chemoenzymatic Synthesis and Antioxidant Activity of Policosanyl Phenolates
Synthesis and Evaluation of (+)-Decursin Analogues Having Carbamate Moiety as Inhibitor of the Wnt/β-catenin Pathway
Total Synthesis of Broussonone A
Hydroxylated 2, 4-Diphenyl Indenopyridine Derivatives as a Selective Non-intercalative Topoisomerase II Catalytic Inhibitor
Pharmacophore Identification of Chrysosplenol C and their Study in Rat Ventricular Myocyte Contraction through Cardiac Myosin Activation
Saponarin from Barley Sprouts Inhibits Adipogenesis of 3T3-L1 Cells by Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor γ
Copper-Catalyzed Oxidative Esterification of 2-Acyl Phenols and 1,3-Dicarbonyl Compounds with Ethers
Neuraminidase Inhibitory Activity and Inhibition Properties of Isolated Polyphenols from Korean Red Waxy Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. cv. Hwanggeum chalsusu)
Inhibition of Biofilm Formation by Tea Tree Oil with Ascorbic Acid Derivatives
Synthesis and Structure-Activity Relationship Study of Chemical Probes as Potent Hypoxia-Induced Factor (HIF) 1/MDH 2 Inhibitor
Design, Synthesis, and Evaluation of Topoisomerase Inhibitory Activity and Cytotoxicity of 2, 4-Diaryl-indenopyridine Derivatives
Colonic Delivery of Piceatannol Elicits Anti-inflammatory Activity against Rat Colitis via Multi-targeted Effects
Discovery and Biological Evaluations of Novel Modulators for mitochondrial Permeability Transition Pore (mPTP) for the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease
N-(2-Mercaptopropionyl)-glycine Ameliorates TNBS-induced Rat Colitis: Involvement of Inhibition of HIF Prolyl Hydroxylase-2 in Anti-colitic Effects by the Anti-oxidant
Efficacy of SPA0355 in Protecting β Cells in Isolated Pancreatic Islets and in a Murine Experimental Model of Type 1 Diabetes
Synthesis and Evaluation of Carbazol-amide Derivatives as Inhibitor of Wnt/β-catenin Pathway
New Pyrone from a Marine-Derived Fungus Penicillium sp. 108YDC020
Synthetic Studies on Imidazo-Pyrrolo-Pyrimidine Skeleton Using an N-Acyliminium Ion Cyclization Strategy
Facile Syntheses and Antiviral Activities of Seleno-acyclovir and Seleno-ganciclovir
Molecular Design of Novel Agonists for Free Fatty Acid Receptors GPR40 as Antidiabetic Candidates
Novel Indoleamine 2,3-Dioxygenase Inhibitor from Marine-derived Bacillus sp. KCB13G003
2-Phenyl-4-aryl Indenopyridines: Synthesis, Topoisomerase I and II Inhibitory Activity, Cytotoxicity and Structure-Activity Relationship Study
Coprisamides A-B, New Cyclic Peptides from a Gut Bacterium of the Dung Beetle Copris tripartitus
One-Pot Approach to 2-Benzylidene-4H-benzo[1,4]oxazin-3-one Combining Sonogashira Reaction and Base-catalyzed Cyclization
Synthesis and Potent Anti-leukemic Activity of Novel 5'-Norcarbocyclic C-Nucleoside Phosphonic Acids
Salternamides A-D from Streptomyces sp. from a Korea Saltern
Synthesis and Bioactivity of Novel Indole Acrylamide Derivatives as Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) NS5B Polymerase Inhibitors
Stereoselective Synthesis and S-Adenosylhomocysteine Hydrolase Inhibitory Activity of Fluoro-Aristeromycin Analogues
Synthesis of Bromo-retrochalcones I and II with Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B Inhibitory Activity
Isolation and Structural Determination of New Pyridone Alkaloids from a Fungus Chaunopycnis sp. 13ETF032
Stereoselective Synthesis of 4’-Selenonucleosides via Novel Seleno-Michael Reaction and Their Cellular Metabolism Study
Design and Structure-Activity Relationship of 4,6-Bisphenyl-2-(3-alkoxyanilino)pyrimidine as a Novel InhibitorofReceptor for Advanced Glycation End Products (RAGE)
Stereoselective Total Synthesis of Sphingofungin B
Loop Sequence Dependence of Thermoactivity and Stability of (L)-Arabinose Isomerase from Geobacillus Kaustophilus
Facile Synthesis of Substituted Phenanthrenes from Biaryl Propargyl Alcohols
Divergent Synthesis of Jatamanins
Rhodium-Catalyzed Oxidative Olefination of 1,2-Disubstituted Arylhydrazines with Alkenes via C−H Bond Activation as aNew Strategy for 2,3-Dihydro-1H-Indazoles
Total Synthesis of (-)-Galiellalactone
Microwave-Assisted Tandem Approach to 3-(Diarylmethylene)oxindoles
Isolation of Indoleamine-2,3-dioxygenase Inhibitors from Streptomyces sp. 11A057
Molecular Docking Studies of Novel Peptidomimetic Inhibitors of the Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 Receptor (IGF-1R)
Concise Synthesis of (+)-Hyacinthacine A2
Discovery of Novel Hsp90 Inhibitors and Evaluation of Their Antitumor Activities
Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel Rosamine Derivatives as Inhibitor of Tau Aggregation
Synthesis of 3, 5-Disubstituted Indole Derivatives as Pim Kinase Inhibitor
Synthesis of a New Derivative of Xanthen-9-one-acetic Acid
Design and Synthesis of Allylseleno Alkylsufoxide(or sulfonyl)pyridazine Derivatives as Anticancer Drugs for Human Cancer Cells
Anthricin (Desoxypodhyllotoxin) from the Anthriscus sylvestris
Enantioselective Phase-transfer Catalytic(PTC) α-Alkylation of α-Benzoxymalonates
Regioselective and Diastereoselective Amination Using Chlorosulfonyl Isocyanate and Its Application to the Total Synthesis of Hyacinthacine A2
Shortcut Approach to Find a New Scaffold from Lead Candidate DW2282
Development of High-throughput TR-FRET Assay for Identification of AXL Kinase Inhibitor
Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) Inhibitory Effects of Polyphenols Isolated from Barley Sprouts
Synthesis, Biological Evaluation and Structure-Activity Relationship of Quinazolinone Derivatives as Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitors
Effect of the Growth Stage and Cultivar on Polyphenol Profiles of Barley Sprouts and Their Anti-oxidative Effect
Enantioselective Phase-transfer Catalytic Alkylation of (E)-4-Bromobenzylideneamino tert-Butyl Malonates
Total Synthesis of Neuraminic Acid via a Chiral anti,syn-Oxazine
Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of 5-(3-(Pyrazin-2-yl)benzylidene)thiazolidine-2,4-dione Derivatives as Pan-Pim Kinases Inhibitors
Design and Synthesis of Isoquinolinoquinazolinones as Inhibitors of PPAR Gamma
First Synthesis of Indothiazinone and Its Derivatives
Butyrolactol A, B and New Bioactive Compound Butyrolactol C. Bacteria Isolation and Structure Determination
Synthesis of 3,4,5-Trisubstituted Isoxazoles via Gold-Catalyzed Domino Reaction
Procainamide-conjugated 5-Aminosalicylic Acid is a Potential Mutual Colon-specific Prodrug Acting Against Colitis
Suncheonosides A-D, New Benzothioate Glycosides from a Marine-derived Streptomyces sp.
Novel Antimicrobial Cyclic Depsipeptides from a Terrestrial Streptomyces sp. 13F003
First Synthesis of the Antiangiogenic Homoisoflavanone, Cremastranone
Molecular Design of Novel Agonists for Free Fatty Acid Receptors GPR40 as Antidiabetic Candidates
A New Benzofuran Glycoside and Indole Alkaloids from a Sponge-associated Rare actinomycete, Amycolatopsis sp.
Carbazole and Their Derivatives; Synthesis and Evaluation as Inhibitor of the Platelet Aggregation
Colonic Delivery of Celecoxib is a Potential Pharmaceutical Strategy for Repositioning the COX-2 Inhibitor to an Anti-colitic Drug
AlphaScreen-Based High-Throughput Screening Assay for Identification of IRAK-4 Inhibitors
Synthesis of Flavokawain Analogues Their Anti-Proliferative Effects on Cancer Cells
In Silico Discovery of Novel Ligands for Helicobacter pylori KDO8P Synthase
A New Fatty Acid Produced by a Marine Fungus Mycosphaerella sp.
Mohangamides A and B, Novel Dilactone-Tethered Pseudo-dimeric Cyclic Peptides from a Marine Actinomycete
Design and Synthesis of Azaisoflavone Analogs as Phytoestrogen Mimetics
Design and Synthesis of Naphthoic Acid Based Benzylpiperidine Derivatives as Antidepressant Agent
Meridianin C Derivatives: Inhibitor of Pim Kinases and Cancer Cell Growth
D-Ring Removed Estradiol Analogues as Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator
A Potential Molecular Mechanism for Anti-colitic Effects of 5-aminosalicylic Acid
Discovery of a Novel Butein Derivative as a Promising Hsp90 Inhibitor
Investigation on a Novel JNK Peptidomimetic Regulator
Design, Synthesis and Biochemical Evaluation of Arylamide Derivatives
Ruthenium-Catalyzed Oxidative Allylation, Crotylation and Prenylation of Aromatic and α,β-Unsaturated Carboxamides with Allylic Carbonates
Brönsted Acid Catalyzed Cyclization of β-Keto-amides with Ammonium Acetate: One-pot Synthesis of Multisubstituted Imidazoles and Imidazolones
New Acetamide from a Marine Fungus Penicillium citrinum
Consice Synthesis of Mupirocin H by Using a Cross Metathesis Based Strategy
Synthesis and Structure-Activity Relationship of Novel Homoegonol Derivatives
Development and Optimization of a Fluorescence Polarization-Based Assay for the Discovery of Inhibitors of SGK Kinases
Synthesis and Bioactivity of Novel IM3829 Derivatives as Radiosensitizers
Characterization of Caffeoylglucoside Derivatives and Hypouricemic Activity of the Ethyl Acetate Fraction from Aster glehni
Saponarin from Barley Sprouts Inhibits NF-kB and MAPK on LPS-Induced RAW 264.7 Cells
Isolation and Identification of Phytochemical Constituents from the Fruits of Tribulus terrestris
The Anti-inflammation Effects of Ergosterol from Hericium erinaceus on LPS-induced in RAW 264.7 cells
Anticancer Activity of Yuanhuacine in Non-Small Cell Lung Cells by Regulating AMPK/mTOR signaling and Actin Cytoskeleton
Anti-inflammatory Compounds and Chromatographic Pattern Analysis of Lithospermi Radix
Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B Inhibitors from Euonymus alatus Sieb
Phytochemical Constituents and Their Antioxidant and Acetyl Cholinesterase Inhibitory Activities from Leaves of Thymus linearisCollected from Dir, Pakistan
Protective Effects of the Chicoric Acid Isolated from the Crepidiastrum denticulatum on Glaucomatous Retinal Damage
Evaluation of 3-week Repeated Dose Oral Toxicity on Amomum tsao-ko Extract in Balb/c Mice
Chemical Constitutents from Pinus thunbergii
Isolation of Astrogorgin and Calicoferol Analogs Isolated from the Korean Gorgonian Astrogorgia rubra
Spatholobus suberectus Inhibits Osteoclastogenesis and Stimulates Chondrogenesis
The Ameliorative Effect of Gastrodia elata on DSS-induced Colitis in Mice
ATriterpenoid Saponin from Adenophora triphyllavar. japonicaSuppresses the Growth of Human Gastric Cancer Cells via Regulation of Apoptosis and Autophagy
Two New Isoflavonoids from Unripe Fruits of Cudrania tricuspidata and Their Pancratic Lipase Inhibitory Activity
The inhibitory Effect of Lupenone Isolated from Adenophorae Radix on Atopic Dermatitis in vivo and in vitro
Quantitative Analysis of the Chemical Constituents from the Rehmannia glutinosa by HPLC-DAD
Inhibitory Effect of Ethanol Extract of Garcinia mangostana Pericarp against TAG Biosynthesis and Postprandial Fat Absorption
New Secondary Metabolites from a Marine Sponge-associated Bacillus sp. and Their Anti-inflammatory Activity
Simultaneous Analysis of the Chemical Constituents from the Polygonatum sibiricum
Modulation of Melanin Synthesis by Extract from the Seed of Amaranthus spp. L in Melan-a Cells
Caesalpinia sappan Extract as a Green Reducing Agent for the Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles and Their Antibacterial Activities against Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Polyacetylenes Isolated from the Roots of Codonopis pilosula and Their Anti-allergic Inflammatory Effects
Ten Compounds Isolated from the Leaves of Smilax china L.
Calli Induced from Resveratrol-Enriched Rice Ameliorate UVB-induced Hyperpigmentation in Guinea Pig Skin
Separation and Purification of Two Diarylheptanoids in Betula platyphtllaOuter Bark by High-Speed Counter Current Chromatography
Origin Chemotaxonomy of AsiasarumSpecies for TLC and HPLC Pattern Analysis
A Sphingolipid Signaling Molecule, Phytosphingosine Inhibits Melanogenesis through Modulation of Microphthalmia-associated Transcription Factor Signaling Pathway
New Phenylacylphenol Types from Stewartia pseudocamellia
The effects of Herbal Formulas on the Activities of Human CYP450 and UGT Isozymes
The inhibitory Effect of Gooseberry on Atopic Dermatitis in Vivo and in Vitro
Allium hookeri Extract Improves Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in C57BL/KSJ db/db Obese Mouse
Hepatoprotective Activities of Allium hookeri Methanol Extract in Mouse Intoxicated with Acetaminophen
Acetyl- and Butyryl-cholinesterase Inhibitory Activities of the Edible Brown Alga Eisenia bicyclis
Pancreatic Lipase Inhibitory Phthalide Derivatives from the Rhizomes of Cnidium officinale
In Vitro Neuroprotective Activity of Sesquiterpenoids from the Flower Buds of Tussilago farfara
Kazinol C from Broussonetia kazinoki Activates AMP-activated Protein Kinase to Induce Anti-tumorigenic Effects in HT-29 Colon Cancer Cells
Antitumor Activities of Psammaplin A Analogues in Human Lung Cancer Cells
Isolation of Serratane Type Triterpenoids from Lycopodium Clavatum
The Anti-tuberculosis Activity of Ursolic Acid via Inhibition of Mycolic Acid Biosynthesis
KE-27, a Traditional Herbal Formula, Inhibits Adipogenesis in 3T3-L1 Adipocytes
The Protective Effects of Aloeresin(ARA) and IsoaloeresinD(isoAD), the Active Component from Extracts of Aloe vera, Against Photoaging Caused by UVB Irradiation Using NHDFs in vitro
New Anti-inflammatory Constituents from the Grains of Sorghum bicolor
Inhibitory Effect of 1,2,4,5-Tetramethoxybenzene on Mast Cell-mediated Allergic Inflammation through Suppression of Degranulation and Expression of Pro-inflammatory Cytokines
New Anti-diabetes Agents from Selaginella tamariscina
Introduction of MFDS Herbal Reference Standards(HRS) and Its Re-test System
Chemical Constituents Isolated from Coix lachryma-jobi var. mayuen Stapf
Chemical Constituents of Nandina domestica Thunb.
Inhibition of Wnt/β-catenin and Anti-proliferative Activities of Plant Extracts in Cultured Human Cancer Cells
Delphinidin Suppresses PMA-induced MMP-9 Expression by Blocking the NF-κB Activation via MAPK Signaling Pathways in MCF-7 Human Breast Carcinoma Cells
Sarasinosides and Pouosides Isolated from the Marine Sponge Extract Showing Neurite Outgrowth Activity
Phenolic Compounds from Houttuynia cordata.
Neuroprotective Effects of Spinosin, a C-glucosylflavone from Zizyphus jujuba var. spinosa, on Aβ1-42 Oligomer-induced Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease
Involvement of Heme Oxygenase-1 Induction in the Cytoprotective and Immunomodulatory Activities of KMP-201401 in Hippocampal HT22 and Microglia BV2 Cells
Effects of Saikosaponin on Inflammatory Response in 3T3-L1 Adipocytes through ERK/NF-κB Pathway
Isolation of Compounds from Crinum asiaticum var. japonicum
The Hae-ae-tang, a Herbal Medicinal Prescription, Enhances Hair Growthin an Alopecia Animal Model of C57BL/6 Mice
Inhibitory Effects of Polygala tenuifolia Willdenow on HCl·ethanol-Induced Gastritis in Rats
Effects of SHINBARO Acupuncture in Monosodium Iodoacetate (MIA)-Induced Osteoarthritis in Rat
Anti-inflammatory Effect of 2,8-Decadiene-1,10-diol Isolated from Amomum tsao-ko in RAW 264.7 Cells
Stilbenoids from Arenga pinnata Roots
New Sesquiterpenes from Inula japonica with Anti-inflammatory Activity in Murine Macrophages RAW264.7
Role of Gallic Acid in Allergic Contact Dermatitis
Anti-inflammatory Constituents from Atractylodes japonica Rhizomes
The Methanol Extract from Tripterygium regelii Inhibits GPAT1 Enzymatic Activity and Suppresses de novo Triacylglycerol Biosynthesis through AMPK Activation
Natural Product-derived Polyacetylenes Regulate the Adipogenesis and Inflammation
Isolation and Structure Elucidation of Phenolic Compounds from Glehnia littoralis
Anti-colitic Effects of Timosaponin AIII and Sarsasapogenin Isolated from Anemarrhena asphodeloides
Simultaneous Determination of Seven Major Compound in Gamisoyo-san by HPLC-DAD and Its Anti-inflammatory effect
Anticancer Effect of Marine Sponge Haliclona sp. Extract in Human Non-small Cell Lung Cancer A549 Cells
Cytotoxic Activity of Neillia uyekii against Human Tumar cell Lines and Its Phytochemical Constituents
A New Flavone Glycoside from the Leaves of Agastache rugosa
A New Megastigmane Glycoside from Akebiae caulis
Three New Alkaloids from Veratrum nigrum L.
Anti-benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Effects of Active Components from Local Native Plants
Chemical Constituents from the Extract of Mixture of Three Marine Sponges
Antifibrotic Constituents of Liriodendron tulipifera Attenuating HSC-T6 Proliferation and TNF-a Production from RAW264.7 Macrophages
Oleanolic Acid Acetate Inhibits Mast Cell-Mediated Allergic Inflammation through Modulation of NF-κB Signal Transduction and Degranulation
Protective Effect of Fucosterol Isolated from the Edible Brown Algae, Ecklonia stolonifera and Eisenia bicyclis, on tert-BHP- and Tacrine-induced HepG2 Cell Injury
Three New Canthinone Type Alkaloids from the Stem barks of Ailanthus altissima
Anti-angiogenic Activity of Magnolol by Regulating ROS-mediated Apoptosis and the PI3K/AKT/mTOR Signaling Pathway in mES/EB-derived Endothelial-like Cells
Anti-obesity Effects of an Ojeok-san in 3T3-L1 Pre-Adipocyte Differentiation and Suppression of Abdominal Fat Accumulation in High-Fat Diet-Feeding Mice
Pentacyclic Triterpenoids Isolated from Astilbe rivularis
Quantification of Major Components from Cnidium officinale by HPLC-DAD
Phytochemical Constituents with IL-6 Inhibitory Activity from Artemisia selengensis Turcz
Allium hookeri Extract Improves Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Type 2 Diabetes C57BL/KSJ db/db Obese Mouse via Regulation of Hepatic Lipogenesis and Glucose Metabolism
Antiplatelet Effect of Extruded GE Extracts
Suppressive Effects of Britanin, a Sesquiterpene Compound Isolated from Inulae Flos on Mast Cell-Mediated Inflammatory Responses
A Rapid and Economical Method for Isolation of Anthocyanins from Sageretia theezans Fruits Native to Jeju island by High Speed Counter Current Chromatography
Red Ginseng Represses COX-2 through SIRT1 under Hypoxia
Simultaneous Determination of Six Compounds in Hedera helix L. using LC-ESI-MS/MS
Optimization of Osthol Extraction Conditions by Cnidium monnieri Fruits Using Response Surface Methodology
Chemical Constituent of Pteris multifida
Anti-inflammatory Angular Dihydropyranocoumarins from Peucedanum japonicum Roots
Neuroprotective Effects of the Standardized Extract of Betula platyphylla Barks
In vitroScreening Programs of Anti-inflammatory Medicinal Plants for Anticancer Activity against Sonic Hedgehog/Gli Pathway Dependent Cancer
Atractylochromene is a Repressor of Wnt/β-catenin Signaling in Colon Cancer Cells
Establishment of Simultaneous Analytical Methods of Biologically Active Components from Houttuyniae Herba
Structure Elucidation of the New Flavanone from Pentarhizidium orientale Roots
Coptis chinensis Alkaloids Exert Anti-adipogenic Activity on 3T3-L1 Adipocytes by Downregulating C/EBP-α and PPAR-γ
Anti-Obesity Effect of Pulsatilla koreana Extract in High-Fat Diet-Induced Obese mice
Intracellular Killing Activity of Thymoquinone in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infected Macrophages
Studies on Phytochemical Constituents from the Fruits of Amomum tsao-ko
Pancreatic Lipase Inhibitory Constituents from Leaves of Morus alba
Chalcones from Angelica keiskei Attenuate the Inflammatory Responses by suppressing Nuclear Translocation of NF-κB
Detection of RNA Synthesis Inhibition by Ursolic Acid in a Nonradioactive Assay Using Escherichia coli RNA Polymerases in vitro
Evaluation of Anti-inflammatory Activity of Dried and Heated Scutellaria baicalensis on Lipopolysaccharide-induced Acute Lung Injury in Mice
Structural Investigation of Arylenaminone System by X-ray and VT-NMR
Development and Validation of Method for Simultaneous Quantitative Analysis of Marker Compounds in Combined Herbal Extract of Salvia miltiorrhiza, Aloe arborescence, and Morinda citrifolia
Study on the Symbiotic Effect of Polysaccharide and Probiotics on Dextran Sulfate Sodium-induced Colitis
Simultaneous Chiral Separation of Several β-Blockers Using a Novel Combination of Dual Chiral Selectors in Capillary Electrophoresis
Development and Validation of a LC-MS/MS Method for the Determination of Rabeprazole Enantiomers
The Validation of Extraction Method and Safety of Phycocyanin
Isolation and Characterization of Quercetin Glycosides from Dendropanax morbifera
Identification and Analysis of Saponins in Panax vietnamensis
Determination of Cyclo Histidine Proline from Soybean Embryo and Comparative Analysis by LC-MS/MS and HPLC-UV
Urinary DOPA Analysis as EOC/TBDMS Derivatives by GC-MS
5H-Indeno[1,2-b]pyridine Derivative Inhibited Catalytic Activity of Topoisomerase IIα and Induced Apoptosis in Breast Cancer Cells
Polyamine Profiling Analysis in Plasma of Rat Models with Adenovirus Infection by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
Metabolic Profiling Analysis of Polyamines in Urine from Bladder Cancer Patients by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
Total Synthesis of Flavonoids Isolated from Mexican Propolis and Evaluation of Anticancer Effect on Pancreatic Cancer Cells (PANC-1)
Using the Coloring Test and LC/MS for Counterfeit Drug Analysis and Prediction of Ingredient
Determination of a Novel Diacylglycerol Acyltransferase 1 Inhibitor, in Rat Plasma Using Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry and its Application to a Pharmacokinetic Study
Construction of a LC-TOF-MS Library for Screening 19 NSAIDs in Dietary Supplements
Analytical Method Development for Related Substances of Torsemide in KP 10
Analysis of Ginsenosides in Different Types of Ginseng by using HPLC with Charged Aerosol Detector (CAD)
Characterization of PEGylated Lysozymes by HPLC-Evaporative Light Scattering Detection Method
Development and Quality Verification of Tabanone Reference Standard
Profiling of Organosulfur Compounds in Allium hookeri using HPLC-PDA and GC/MS System : Determination of Sulfuric Non-volatile and Volatile Compounds
Simultaneous method of Triptorelin as Peptide based drug and Testosterone as Steroid hormone for PK & PD study
Determination of Plasma Omega Fatty Acids in Asthma Patients and its Correlation
Determination of Mesoridazine by Liquid Chromatography–Tandem Mass Spectrometry and its Application to Pharmacokinetic Study in Rats
Development of Quantitative and Qualitative Method for the QualityControl of Cassiae Semen by HPLC
Fundamental Study for Discrimination of Fire Resistant Spray by FT-NIR Spectrometer
Chromatographic Fingerprint Analysis for Differentiation of Two Confusable Medicinal Materials–Aloes and Catechu
Simultaneous Determination of Five Naphtoylindole-based Synthetic Cannabinoids and their Metabolites in Hair
Fundamental Study for the Generating High Efficiency Slightly Acidic Electrolyzed Water(SAEW) inNon-Membrane Electrolytic Cell
Hyperactivated Calpain 2 by Doxorubicin-induced Reactive Oxygen Species is Involved in Development of Doxorubicin Resistance
Relation between a Partition Coefficient and Solvent System Composition: Separation of Triterpenoid Saponins from the Roots of the Bupleurum falcatum by Countercurrent Chromatography
N-in-1 PAMPA Assay for Membrane Permeability Screening
A Study of Plasma Metabolite in Patients with Lactic Acidemia for the Differential Diagnosis
Study for Starch Digestive Enzymes Inhibition of Sulfated Polysaccharides Extracted from Various Korean Seaweeds
The Study on the Correlation between Methamphetamine Use History and Sectional Hair Analysis from Korean Methamphetamine Users
Validation of Method for the Determination of Aconitum Alkaloids by LC-MS/MS and Detection of Aconitine in a Fatal Intoxication Case
Determination of Vitamin B12 in Brown Rice by LC-MS
Determination of Antibiotic Resistance Using Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Impurity Profiling of Seized Methamphetamine Using GC-MS and Multivariate Analysis
UPLC-DAD Fingerprint with Multi-components Quantitative Analysis for Quality Consistency Evaluation of Hyangsapyeongwisan
Isolation and Characterization of a Water-soluble Polysaccharide from the Unripe Fruit of Cudrania tricuspidata
Determination a Novel Phosphodiesterase-4 Inhibitor in Rat Plasma Using LC-MS/MS and Its Application to Pharmacokinetic Study in Rats
The Development of Simultaneous Analytical Method for Quality Control of Maesil and its Processing Product by High Performance Liquid Chromatography
Determination of Ketone Body Following Oxime-TMS Derivatives using GC-MS-SIM
Study on the Matrix Effect and Process Efficiency of Four Pesticides from Forensic Liquid Evidences
Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of KJ001 by HPLC-UV and LC-ESI-Mass Spectrometry
Chalcone Derivatives Represent Neuroprotective Effect against Oxidative Stress through Dual Inhibition of μ-Calpain and Cathepsin B
Determination and Validation of Hyaluronic Acid in Dietary Supplement by HPLC-UV
Discovered Novel Synthetic Small Molecule, a Dual Blocker of Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2 and Topoisomerase IIα Shows Anti-tumor Activity in Colon Cancer Cell Xenografted Mouse
A Study of Monitoring in the Batch Fermentation by FT-NIR Spectroscopy
Targeted Profiling of Methamphetamine Metabolites in Methamphetamine Abusers Urine
Enantioseparation of Vigabatrin in Mouse Serum by Perecolumn Derivazation with Diacetyl-L-tartaric Anhydride using UPLC-Q-TOP-MS
Development of a Rebamipide Solid Dispersion System with Improved Dissolution and Oral Bioavailability
Process Optimization of Controlled-Release Bee Venom-loaded Nanoparticle for Nasal Spray
Thermodynamic Characterization of Docetaxel-loaded Solid Lipid Nanoparticles
Up-regulation of Amyloid-degrading Enzymes and Its application in Alzheimer’s disease
Characteristics and Preformulation of Extracts Obtained from Aesculus hippocastanum L.
Preparation and Characterization of Taste-masked Microspheres Containing Azithromycin by the Solvent Diffusion Method
pH Sensitive Polyelectrolyte Complex Micelles for Highly Effective Combination Chemotherapy
Physicochemical Characterization of Poorly Water-Soluble Albendazole Loaded in Chitosan-coated PLGA Nanoparticles
Chitosan Enhances Photosensitizer Delivery to Cholangiocarcinoma Cells and Absorption in Bile duct
Novel Lead Optimization Strategy of BACE I Inhibitors for the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease by QSAR and PBPK Modeling
Pharmacokinetics of L-Arginine and L-Citrulline in Rats
Development and Evaluation of Pegylated Liposomes Containing Irinotecan
Determination of Benzophenone-4 by LC-MS/MS and Application to an In Vitro Percutaneous Absorption Study
Preparation and Evaluation of Raloxifene-loaded Solid Dispersion Nanoparticles Made Using a Spray Drying Technique without an Organic Solvent
Pharmacokinetics and Biodistribution of Human Bone Marrow–Derived Clonal Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Hyaluronan-Anchored Graphene Oxide Nanosheets for Enhanced Tumor Accumulation and Anti-Tumor Effect of Anticancer Drug
Design and Evaluation of Curcumin Incorporated Solid Lipid Nanoparticles Modified with N-Carboxymethyl Chitosan to Improve the Oral Bioavailability
Anti-Inflammatory Effects in LPS-Simulated BV2 Microglial Cells from Clematidis Radix
5-Fluorouracil-Loaded Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles as a Drug Delivery System toward Gastric Cancer Cells
Pharmacokinetic Analysis of FL-01, an Effective Fraction of Flos Lonicerae
Comparative Dissolution Test of Poorly Water-Soluble Fenofibrate Solid Dispersion
Determination of Tulobuterol, a Long Acting β(2)-Agonist, in Beagle Plasma using HPLC-MS/MS and Its Application to Pharmacokinetic Study
A New Packing Polymorph of Donepezil via Cross-Nucleation
A Development of Histone H1-specific Aptide as a Novel Apoptotic Imaging Probe
Preparation and Physicochemical Characterization of Mouthwash Granules Containing Mentol, Thymol, Eucalyptol and Methyl salicylate
Potentiation of Anticancer Activity by Liposomal Co-Delivery of Doxorubicin and Omacetaxine
Layer-by-Layer assembly of Liposome with PEGylated Polyelectrolyes to Enhance the Systemic Delivery of Multiple Anti-Cancer Drugs
Preparation and Development of Self-Emulsifying Drug Delivery System(SMEDDS) for Telmisartan Using Response Surface Model
EGFR-Targeting Immunoliposomes with Fisetin for Colon Cancer
Green Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles by Caffeic Acid and Their Role as a Catalyst toward 4-Nitrophenol Reduction
Preparation, Optimization and Characterization of Imatinib-loaded Nanostructured Lipid Carriers and Evaluation of its Pharmacokinetic and In vitro Cytotoxicity Characteristics
Structure of Prephenate Dehydratase form Streptococcus Mutans
Synthesis of in situ PEG Hydrogels Crosslinked by Albumin for the Treatment of Cancer
Safety and Tumor Tissue Accumulation of Pegylated Graphene Oxide Nanosheets for Co-delivery of Anticancer Drug and Photosensitizer
Evaluation of Wound Healing Effects of a Chitosan-based Tyrothricin Film-forming Gel
Fenofibrate - Loaded Nanostructured Lipid Carriers for Oral Bioavailability Enhancement : Preparation and Characterization
Formulation, Characterization and Physicochemical Evaluation of Melissa officinalis L. leaves Tablets
The Effect of Thermal Treatment on Physicochemical Properties of HPMCAS-based Matrix Tablets Containing Ranitidine Hydrochloride
Lysostaphin-Functionalized Gold and Silver Nanoparticles as Nanoantibiotics against Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Double Stranded Aptamer-Anchored Reduced Graphene Oxide as Trarget-Specific Nano Detector
Enhancement of Clathrin-Dependent and -Independent Endocytosis in Microglia Promotes Aβ Endocytosis
Solvatomorphism in Atorvastatin and Its Preliminary Evaluation with Alcohols
Structure-dependent Photothermal Anticancer Effects of Carbon-based Photoresponsive Nanomaterials
In-vitro Permeation of Phenylbenzimidazole Sulfonic Acid and Ethylhexytriazone through Rat Skin
In vitro Skin Permeation of Lawsone and Methyl Anthranilate Using Franz Diffusion Cell Method
Initial Preclinical Safety of Non-Replicating Human Endogenous Retrovirus Envelope Protein-Coated Baculovirus Vector-Based Vaccines
Effect of C-Phycocanin Isolated from Spirulina Extract on Modulation of Trans-Differentiation of Fibroblast to Myofibroblast
Reversal of Multidrug Resistance in MCF-7/ADR Cells Using Double Drug-loaded Solid Lipid Nanoparticles with Folate Targeting
Pharmacokinetic Study of Enzalutamide in Rat by Liquid Chromatography – Tandem Mass Spectrometry
LC-ESI-MS/MS assay for the Determination of Benzyl Butyl Phthalate and Its Major Metabolites, Monobenzyl Phthalate and Monobutyl Phthalate, in Rat Plasma
Hyaluronic Acid-Coated Solid Lipid Nanoparticles for Targeted Delivery of Vorinostat to CD44 Overexpressing Cancer Cells
Determination of Benzophenone-8 by LC-MS/MS and Application to an In Vitro Percutaneous Absorption Study
Hyaluronan/Herceptin-Conjugated Liposomes with Salinomycin/Doxorubicin for Breast Cancer
Stabilization of Amorphous Donepezil via Amorphous Salts
The Novel Anti Oxidative Bilirubin Nanovesicles for Anti-Inflammation Therapy
Comparison of Lymphatic Delivery Effect of Paclitaxel-Loaded Nanoparticles
Oral Absorption and Pharmacokinetics of Benzyl Butyl Phthalate and Its Major Active Metabolites, Monobenzyl Phthalate and Monobutyl Phthalate, in Rats
Application of Quality by Design(QBD) to the Optimization and Preparation of Telmisartan Self-Microemulsifying Drug Delivery System(SMEDDS) Formulation
Functional Expression of Human and Rat OCT2 in MDCK Cells for the Comparison of IC50s Using Diphenhydramine as a Model Inhibitor
Specific Targeting and Therapeutic Effect of Human Serum Albumin-Modified TNF-Related Apoptosis Inducing Ligand for Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis
AFM-based Characterization of Functionalized Nano-patterned Surfaces
Preparation and Evaluation of Supercritical Ffluid-mediated Liposomes Containing Cyclosporin A for Dry Eye Syndrome
CurrentIssues of Pharmaceutical Serialization and Traceability in the Korean Medicine and Medical Supplies
An Exploratory Study on Firm's Drug Production Behavior and Financial Profits in South Korea
Pharmacokinetic Comparison Study of a Combination Containing 500 mg of Naproxen And 20 mg of Esomeprazole: a Randomized, Single Dose, 2-way Crossover, Open Label Study in Healthy Male Korean Subjects
Antibiotic Prescribing Trends for Pediatrics in Korea from 2009 to 2011
Market Competition and Market Share in Selected Reimbursement Pharmaceutical Markets
Signal Detection and Safety Information Generation of Valsartan/Amlodipine in Spontaneous Adverse Event Reports Database
Comparison of Satisfaction Levels on the Provision of Medication Education between Patients and Pharmacists
Evaluation of Using Pattern of the Topical Drugs Including Steroid in Community of Korean
Effectiveness of Pharmaceutical Interventions in Pediatric Patients: Systematic Review and Meta-Analyses
Utility of Breakthrough Therapy Designation Pathway and Its Applicability to Korean Pharmaceutical Environments
The Investigational Study of Health Promotion Mobile Application Software and Its Importance
Evaluation of Preceptor and Students for Community Pharmacy Practice
Analysis of Factors Influencing Participation in Clinical Trials
Study Design and Decision Tree of Drug-Drug Interaction due to Cytochrome P450; a Review of FDA Guidance
An Analysis of APIs Purchasing Pattern Before and After Price Cutting of Drugs - Focusing on Policy of Overall Price Cutting of Current Drugs dated April 1, 2012 -
Improving Care Transition: The Impact of a Pharmacist Telephone Follow-Up Interventionon Hospital Readmission Rates
Changes in Perception of Consumers for Over-The-Counter Drug Policy Since Sales of Over-the-Counter Drugs at the Outside of Pharmacy
Consumer-Capitalistic Body that the Dietary Supplements and the Quasi-Drugs Appeal in Their Advertisements
A Comparative Study among USA(ACC/AHA), Europe(ESC) and Korea(CRC Heart) Guidelines of Antiplatelet Therapy for Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome
Research on the Pharmacy Management of Specialized Pharmacy in Seoul
An Analysis of Pharmacists’ Satisfaction with Education and Their Motivations for the Entrance at the Graduate School of Clinical Pharmacy in Korea
Survey Conducted on Local Pharmacy Pharmacists: Current Pharmacologic Care Status and Needs in Pediatric Patients
Analysis of Adverse Drug Reaction Reports in Pediatric and Adolescent Patients
Study Design and Decision Tree for Transporter Mediated Drug-Drug Interactions; a Review of FDA Guidance
Perception Differences between Preceptors and Pharmacy Students in Community Pharmacy Training and Improvement Plan
The Study on Pharmacists’ Recognition Related to Pharmacy Management
Studies on the Roles of Transplant Pharmacists: Prescription Intervention for Solid Organ Transplant Inpatients
Perceptions and Behaviors Associated with Health Functional Food Use
Analysis of Prescription of Prohibited Medications in Pediatric Outpatients
The Impact of Vancomycin Minimum Inhibitory Concentrations on the Clinical Outcomes in Obese Patients with Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Isolates from a Pulmonary Site
The Remarkable Life and Times of Resveratrol
Basic Researches in Innate Immunity are Necessary for Development of Novel Diagnosis Kit and New Vaccine Candidate
Characteriazation of AMPK-induced RORα1 Phosphorylation